Speakers playing music

How do I get my 2 speakers to play simultaneously?


Depends, which speakers do you have? I can offer some help if they are the flare 2s, you can check out this clip… otherwise let us know what you have and I’m sure there will be somebody able to assist.

About the 2:30 spot in the review video, I go through pairing multiples…

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Tell us what model you own.
There is no crystal ball around at the moment here! :wink:

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@Chiquinho I think you will need :joy::

I agree with @Chiquinho it is easier knowing the items but @sodojka, I like that ball as well.

If the speakers are not partycast, I think you can do 2 but it has to be the version (older one n updated one probably won’t work)

If partycast, they should work. I had 3 ( 2 soundcore 3 n a flair 2) I found the soundcore 3s a little harder to do until I figured out a few thing.

As you are pairing maybe give a little extra seconds in time for the pairing which I was not doing initially.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall what’s my fairest speaker of all?

Flare 2

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Well I reached into my bag o tricks… here are some previous threads for the flare 2 and pairing multiples… last one has another method to try… best of luck…