Special Edition Liberty 2 Pro

Hi Guys,

So who hasn’t caught Zack from Jerry Rig Everything’s video on Liberty 2 Pro yet? If you haven’t then get over here at once. If you’re a JRE fan who has just discovered Soundcore and the Collective, welcome! Why not stick around and introduce yourself?

We loved the video here in the Soundcore offices, even if our engineers winced as their precious babies were dissected for Zack’s brutal experiments. For those of us in the marketing team, it offered cool insight into a product that we’ve been talking to fans about for months but never actually seen the inside of. Did you guys enjoy the video as much as us?

But it isn’t just Liberty 2 Pro’s internal organs that look on point, the Jerry Rig Everything limited edition charging case is :fire:.

Have you guys all entered the giveaway to win one of these bad boys? I certainly would if I was allowed :disappointed:.

Zack is the second YouTuber we’ve collaborated with for Liberty 2 Pro, after Linus Tech Tips. Both versions seemed to be really well received by the Collective and YouTube fans, so how would you guys feel about being able to directly purchase collaboration products in general? If you’re keen on the idea, which YouTubers would you like to see us collaborate with?

We’ll be watching closely and I’ll be giving extra credit to people who mention my favorite YouTubers.


Nailed it. Maybe I might win


I love Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), as well as Lew Later (unbox therapy)!

I’m a huge fan of Marques, and would love to see a collaboration- and a charging case for him. If it were a good Price, I would definitely buy a Marques Brownlee case!

I prefer the look of the LTT case over the JRE case- just my opinion though.


Working with either of those guys would be incredible!

I’d love to see us branch out of tech a little bit too :wink:


Honestly, I prefer to see small time youtubers getting recognition for stuff like this. Sure well know youtubers have the game, but why not help out smaller channels as that helps bring them into the limelite so to speak.
I remember when I had the first video of the Liberty Air on YouTube, I had over 40k views…which is nothing for big timers, but it meant a lot to me being a lesser known person.

A giveaway is a giveaway and will always bring people who want free stuff, the exposure for a smaller channel could be life changing for them. So that’s what I would like to see, big company helping put the little people.


A PewDiePie case would be epic tbh. Or perhaps a partnership with dbrand is in order :eyes::eyes: a line of custom skins would be great too.

I like it!! I think partnering with several smaller youtubers and maybe one big one would be good.

I’m thinking a collaboration with EL JEFE REVIEWS or Just Doin’ Audio. Both are great reviewers

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I’d love to see a collaboration with some visual artists! Like Jazza or Proko! They could make such a stunning collaboration design and I’d love to see these reach more than just the tech community.


Never thought of that, but I love the idea!

Heard that these are best of kind in ear buds with best sound quality and a great battery life, hope i could also try out these buds

well, this sure took me a while to find out how to reply, wonder how good the earphones will be for gym though… I’m pretty gunky in the gym and headphones get in the was most of the time, plus too big to carry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can always branch out to some folks on twitch. I kinda enjoy Mike the Bard. He does some video games but also has a karaoke he will do with others. I believe he even had Jack Black singing on there once.

Give us some names then!

I subscribe to a ton of smaller YouTubers and I know the frustration when you’re watching content that you feel deserves more recognition.

Welcome to the Collective!

Get yourself entered into the giveaway and I’ll cross my fingers for you :smiley:

How about some of the collectives members? There’s @Insider, there’s @TechnicallyWell, there’s also myself and many others


Maybe a collaboration with What’s Inside? Also maybe MatterHakers, or a Gaming channel Polecat324. Those channels are really cool. Would be cool to see a case design for them.

I’m also thinking a collaboration with Travis MCP and JimsReviewRoom. Watch their reviews all the time! They put out quality great reviews