Special Edition Liberty 2 Pro

I love the design of these custom Liberty 2 Pros. I already own a pair that I bought when they were doing the pre-order sale and I love them! I would love a second pair for my wife…that when I will give her my old ones and keep these custom ones haha

Maybe collab with Jericho or let h3cz come up to with a design would be amazing

Having both this thread and the giveaway thread seems like a great way to add to the confusion for the newbies, but hopefully it won’t be too bad.

I think inbox therapy would be a good one, MrBeast, 91 tech, or misterwhosetheboss.

I’d love to see a collab with Marques Brownlee, Jonathan Morrison or uravgconsumer.

Wrong place to enter, please comment and enter in the appropriate thread

Maybe a collab with some of the Indian youtubers? :thinking:

Havent made the switch to wireless buds just yet. Maybe these will help with the transition.

looks fantastic never had anything like them I bet they would sound great on my HTC U11 … but it think they won’t ship to Australia

If you win the contest you’ll get a pair. I won one of the LTT edition buds and I’m in Sydney.

The shattered look of that case is pretty nice. I think the design should be standard.

would love to see a Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) or Unbox Therapy collab.:star_struck:

One that I really like is techtablet.com if I should mention some one else that haven’t been mentioned. From the beginning it was supposed to be about tablets, but as everyone knows, there isn’t a lot of tablets out there.

I enjoy your reviews. Keep them coming. I know your especially hyped up since it’s your favorite color scheme.

I watch unbox therapy… Great youtuber and always gets straight to the point! … It would be great if he was collaborating with soundcore!