Spend a little time and money on your instruction manual

My question is " How can a company produce such high quality, state of the art products, and then send them out with such incomprehensible instructions ". I could not, in good faith, recommend your products to anybody for the simple reason that I don’t know how to use all of the features. I’m 92 years old and not yet demented, can still read and write and understand plain English, I’m sure that at my age I will never be able to decipher the manual that came with my two Soundcore Boost speakers. How about producing an instruction manual in plain English that everybody can understand using words that don’t require technical knowledge or all the “internet phraseology”.

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I was going to send you here as they usually have the info in a bigger format but as I went to search for the Boost, I find it is not there. I think they had decreased their document numbers from the last time I went there.

I would contact service@soundcore.com to see if they have a different format or additional instructions.

Do you mean the font of the manual?
Its incredible tiny I know.
I have to use a magnifier to decipher.
And I am sure even younger ones than we are (I am a little bit younger than you, but also very old :grin: ) need a magnifier.
Not only we both.

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I agree with the letter and the spirit.

Yes the manual is physically small. It also has schematics which are often meaningless, press-hold double-press etc. Manual sometimes omits key knowledge like reset instructions. Overall, the manuals are a pain from Anker / Soundcore.

Suggestion - put a QR code on the case with a link to the manual so can read on a big screen, and a longer manual with more FAQ and extra information.

Too many are forced in desperation to the community, where we do try to help but we can’t be as good as official support - just faster sometimes.

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