Spirit Dot 2 delayed

Out of all the products announced recently, the Spirit Dot 2 has been the one I was most excited for. This is mostly due to the firm factor, as so far the only things that have been easy for me to wear at work have been Galaxy Buds and I was hoping these would be like them, but with better sound.

After seeing all the other products available at Best Buy or at Amazon for pre-order I decided to contact customer support and ask when these would be up to order.

What the rep told me is that they are not going to be hitting their original October date. There was a supply issue, and so they could be delayed up to a couple months from now!

So this is mainly just a heads up to anyone else like me who wanted these, the wait will most likely be longer than any other product. Hopefully it’ll be worth it!

Doubt the backlog or issues of the Liberty 2 Pro have helped much but hopefully they will be sooner rather than later for those who are after them…thanks for letting us know!

That’s a shame. Thanks for letting us know nonetheless!

Thank you for the heads up. It’s disappointing cause I’m definitely interested in these, hopefully they will be worth the wait.

Thanks for the heads-up, Since this came from the Support rep, must be a legit and delivery dates might be pushed further out.