Spirit dot 2 low volume on one bud

Hi all,

I went to use my Spirit Dot 2’s today and grabbed just the right one, as I want to be able to hear whats going on around me, and noticed that the “battery high” notification voice was really quiet.
Thought it was just because I hadn’t put it in properly so adjusted and played some music.
Even at max volume it was barely audible.
Took the left one out of the case and could hear it louder than the right whilst just holding it in my hand!

Tried resetting them and still have the same issue.

Anyone got any ideas what it could be?


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Turns out I had wiped some dirt off the tip with a slightly wet finger a few days ago and the water was still in there and was completely muffling the sound.
Shook it off and dried with some tissue paper now just like new!

If anyone else has this problem at least they now have a solution.


I wonder if your case is in need of charging? I have found that as the case needs charging, the earbuds,don’t take charge.

Are you using the right one more than the left? I have found similar with my L2P and after full charge seemed to go well.

The battery indicator on your device would confirm charge level of the earbuds

Other possibility, is build up of ear gunk in the right earbud. Maybe check and give them a cleaning?

Hope this helps

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Too fast…and me typing tooo slow… lol

Thanks for taking the time to reply. It’s appreciated.
Love how the people on this community are willing to help each other out (even if the person they’re helping is the cause of the problem in the first place!) :laughing:

I too thought it was either dirt or charge but all 3 lights were on the case and it all looked clean.
Completely forgot I’d wiped some gunk off with a wet hand the day before until after I’d posted the question.
Amazing how just a tiny amount of water on the tip was enough to almost completely block all sound!

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dont forget that often when you wear earbuds your earwax gets liquified due to the heat and can seep into the earbuds themselves gunking up the eartip. Often times you dont notice it because it gets past the screen and only a good cleaning can clear it up.

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Hadn’t realised that could happen.
Any tips on the best way to clean them?
I’ve only been able to find a guide for cleaning the charging contacts.


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Good points there @Tank :+1:

I did see this happen with extended use for walking and trails,

Also remember to clean the charging pins in the case as well cause those can also collect dirt and dust if you’re leaving the case open and just from regular use and can cause the charging to not be great. Same with the charging part on the earbuds

i always use hydrogen peroxide as it breaks down the wax as it cleans them and I use qtip. i generally soak the qtip in peroxide and let it soak on the screen for the earbud. the next part can be nasty for some, but works great…once you let it soak into the earbud you can blow onto it and then suck on it right afterwards to pull the gunk out. or you can remove the mesh screen and clean it that way, which is generally my preferred method but can void your warranty

Thanks all.

Great advice!

You said you were able to dry them out days after they got wet correct? what method did you use to get the speaker itself dry?

I held the back of the earbud and flicked it downwards really hard several times with tip pointing away from me. That seemed to have gotten most of it out.
I used a cotton bud as well which seems to have got the rest out.

I had the same Problem and this really helped me out. Thank you so much.

I’m now having this problem, it’s driving me crazy! sorry to jump on an old thread, but I’ve tried everything suggested in here (thank you everyone!) but I’m having no luck, I’ve tried fully recharging and also un-pairing and repairing, cleaning, everything. The right earbud is considerably lower than the left, has anyone found any other issue that could be causing this? it’s so frustrating as they were such great ear buds until this point!

At this point, I would contact service@soundcore.com if you have tried these options

If it’s quieter, I’d still think the cleaning needs doing again and better.

There’s also a small chance, I’ve seen a few times, is the phone managed to get it’s audio balance wrong, so delete pairing and pair with another device to see if the problem persists, eliminate the phone.

If after you’ve tried both multiple times, then it’s probably developed an issue that cleaning can’t fix so contact support with proof of purchase, serial number, write up all the above you’ve tried.

holy. sh@#%@#. I literally created an account rn just to tell you that you just saved me $50. I literally had this problem for a whole 2 weeks after using em in the shower a couple times. My left ear bud was nearly completely silent…and i was bummed out cause I really liked the product so far and i was thinking maybe i damaged them and wanted to try a different product from soundcore. but before purchasing a new pair i just searched up if anyone else had a similar problem to me. ty for your post, i just gave em a good shake and its brand new.


Qualified searching helps often to safe money. :smiley:

Glad I could help!

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