Spirit Dot 2 problems on laptop

I have the Spirit dots for some time now and really, they are great and generally, I am very content. One thing that has been bugging me though, is the connection with my laptop. They are able to connect just fine, but whenever I play video or music, I hear a short distortion in between. This varies between 10 times per minute and 3 I’d say. Rarely, they also shift between left and right (sound on one, but not the other) for a second.

I’ve tried to change my network adapter settings on the laptop. I went to change the preferred band to 5Ghz in order to not let the Wi-Fi and bluetooth frequencies conflict with each other. This did not help. I also went to the network adapter settings and changed the values under the tab ‘‘advanced’’ One of these let them work without distortion etc, but this meant that I could only use my earphones with a 5G wifi network, because with this setting, I could not connect to other wifi networks. The earphones work perfectly fine with my brother’s lenovo thinkpad laptop, but not with my laptop (HP Elitebook 840 G5. I also called HP and technicians came to replace the wifi/bluetooth module. This did not work and the technician also tried a lot of other things in the settings. Two days later a new HP technician came and replaced several antennas, motherboard etc etc. But still the problem is there.

What can be the problem here? I truly have no idea. I have this laptop for about three years, but I can also connect to my JBL charge 3 speaker witout problems, just like older BT earphones (with a wire inbetween, though). The earphones also work perfectly fine on my OnePlus 8T galaxy note 4 and Xiaomi mi 9T phones

Chances that I have a defect pair of earphones are low, as these are already a replacement I got due to different issues.

I hope somone can help me.

It may or may not be it but this year with everybody at home and using earbuds for their pc, or laptops, there has been a lot of issues.

A lot of the issue has to deal with Bluetooth drivers of the pc. So try to update the BT driver (although we had one person that downloaded a generic driver and that worked for him).

A fellow member had suggested in the past to delete all parings and reboot the earbuds and just pair the earbuds with the pc.

If either of those do not work and from what you have stated, I would say contact service@soundcore.com as they may have additional options.

This looks like a Win10 vs non-Win10 pairing connection problem.

Chances are the headset mode is being kicked in periodically on the laptop, and is being caused by your prior pairing with the other devices (OnePlus etc).

Delete all existing pairings on all devices paired. Turn off all BT on all devices. Reset the buds, turn on the laptop BT ONLY, and ONLY pair with the Win10 laptop. Delete the BT device in Win10 and search devices to add it back.

Only use one audio device with Win10, don’t pair it with anything else, if you want something to use with your phone, pair only them with your phone and only pair separate buds with your Win10 laptop. Do not pair anything with Win10 and non-Win10. That’s the problem.

Win10 ensure you’re using headphones not headset, and acknowledge these buds are purely to listen to sound on your laptop, their sole purpose.

You’ll obviously need two sets of buds. If you don’t want to own two sets of buds, you may be able to just alternate which has BT enabled at a time and reboot the buds inbetween connections.

Same as the other member that I referenced that I was trying to state more simplistic. Nice description.

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I’ve had this problem but it’s really got to do with connectivity issue. Sometimes (rarely) the primary earbud loses connection with the secondary earbud but it mostly happens when I pause and play again as if it’s not ready and stops connecting for whatever reason.

There have been issues with bluetooth drivers in HP. My Dell works flawlessly with any earbud/headphone I try. I would recommend to change blutooth driver under “Device Manager” or update your current one.

Does this happen with your brother’s laptop or your phone? If so, the distortion is a earbud fault. If updating the drivers don’t work, try to reset your earbuds and also remove the pairing from bluetooth setting on HP and pair all over again to see.

Reset the earbuds:

  1. Place the earbuds into the charging case, confirm they are charging, and wait for at least 10 seconds.
  2. Keep the charging case open and press the button on both earbuds 5 times until the LED indicators flash red 3 times.