Sport X10 colours

Interested to know if the Sport X10 earbuds will be available in red? There are marketing images showing a red variation (along with the black and oat white), but not showing as available to purchase (yet) on website.


This releasing 2 colours initially then a 3rd later is quite common. Usually the timing is when the launch colours are discounted a new colour is out not discounted.


I do like the influx of some colors in the devices. I know there for a bit they were mostly black.

They have had some nice color on some of the devices but a few I do not think worked well (for my tastes) I do not think the lime green p2 will be a great seller.

:rofl: I figure we may end up seeing a few of those lime green p2s on the giveaway in the future. lol

It is like the Zune that I got. It was brown and I got it at a good price due to nobody was buying that color and there was a big overstock that one year.

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The Red looks good. I’m assuming if they already have pictures, it will be out sooner, rather then later. :+1:

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It’s usually not a real photo. It’s usually another colour product real photo then modified in computer.

Red looks really nice. Hope they will be available soon.

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I keep hoping that they will do a nice blue either like the life p3 which is like a sky blue or the q35 blue which is a little darker but still looks good in my opinion

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Depending on when my coupon comes through, I might just go for the black version anyway.

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You may know this already, better than me, but my coupon took weeks and I had to chase via PM. It wasn’t an automated wait with prompt outcome.

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Thanks for the info. I will chase up next week!