Sport X10 - Review after 2 months use

Just got mine today. I’m a bit disappointed no LDAC or AptX support. Also noticed in the App the ANC list Beta. Why are they releasing earphones with an advertised feature is still in beta?

Also can’t stand the buttons. Wish it was touch, my Liberty 2 Pro’s had buttons and they were horrible.

Only time will tell how well they really are, I own the Liberty 3 Pro’s and the Air Pro 2s also. Currently the Air Pro 2’s are my go to for ever day use, they just didn’t stay in well when I went out to exercise.

Yes as I wrote above when they launched

Put that in email to support and paste their reply here.

Yes of course changing what you are accustomed to will take a little time til muscle memory kicks in. I prefer the button and its placement as if you’re prone to other buds falling out you will know a touch button on the center of the bud would be annoyingly getting accidental touches while a tactile button at the top doesn’t. So their choice makes sense, to me, for its purpose and form-factor. I disabled the button on my other Soundcore TWS buds for this reason.

I have the LA2, not the LA2P, they don’t stay in. I found these Sport X10 do. Hopefully these work similarly good for you.

When I say stay , they don’t make a tight seal, they just stay in the ear canal, stay there, you can still hear your audio content, just without a tight seal the ANC can never be that critical a function for this use.