Spotify adding podcast payments

I’m not sure what sort of podcasts I would consider paying for at all. A premium offering per podcast seems a bit crazy to me. But maybe they are aware of a market I don’t see.

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It makes sense for them to add podcast. Hope to see some good content.

I don’t think I would really pay for any podcasts really maybe one if any

Did not know about this

Thanks for letting us know

Why would anyone go for an in-between tier where you pay and still get some ads? I am fine with ads in podcasts as it’s like a Radio Station, would prefer that than a subscription.
With a standalone subscription you would have to listen to a certain amount to make it worth the money. The problem with this is I only have so much time to listen to them. Plus, like most I presume, I listen to both music and podcasts.
Much as there may be creators/podcasts I like on Spotify, I’m not such a big fan of the company itself and there’s enough alternative podcasts out there to go elsewhere and get similar content if they put everything behind a paywall.

It is the same reason people do not look at prices at the store. Mother in law worked at a store and he had candy bars way back when, a quarter a piece. He put a sign up 3 for a dollar and made more money after that

Some people have more money than sense! I suppose that’s why we have that saying!
I have Scottish blood in me though so always looking for the best value, we don’t like spending money unnecessarily… :smile:


Same here. I had got a social work although degree was more technical. After a few years I was able to become a BA working on the software.

I wanted a music player to listen as I was an office man now. Lol. So the brown 30 gig Zune went on sale for 75 from 200 dollar. (Brown n coming out with new version ).

I bought it and still using it. I bought it in 2007 or 8. Still the original battery.