Spotify data Breach

I’ve been using spotify for a while now, but hadn’t heard about this until just now. FYI if you listen to your music there as well.


Yikes it sure doesn’t look good. Guess @TheSnarkyOne should take a look at this. Hopefully his info wasn’t compromised


Thanks for the heads up guys.

Checked into / changed things around.


Interesting … I hate how some of our info is not as secure as needed. I think the biggest thing if Spotify and other big companies can get hacked, it make you think to not even try to hide data anymore LOLOL


Lately a lot of companies big and small seem to be getting hacked

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The key is really not sharing passwords. That way one breach is just one breach. I used to be bad about this, now use a password manager for everything.

That would be a bad breach if it happened, but they are at least privacy focused.

I think a lot of people use the same password for a lot of sites and that is bad if you get hacked. I hope those hacked are smart enough to change their other sites as well… :wink:

That’s not good