Spotify granted patent that could monitor users' speech to make music

Is this like baby driver?

Spotify has patented a patent for a new technology.
“Spotify claims that the technology can detect, among other things, ‘emotional state, gender, age, or accent’ to recommend music”.
I am completely surprised and appalled by such an idea.
What do you think, are you surprised, appalled?
What is your opinion about this new technology?

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@Duane_Lester I’m sorry I didn’t check😟.

Did missed the thread in February so got a sevond chance :rofl:

You are good. I remembered the old thread for some reason.

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I have done the same… lol and then remember that I had posted it previously, read it and forgot to post it or somebody else did. I had one, I was going to post and found somebody posted it like 30 min before me.


Always a challenge to find new stuff to share, good thoughts to check first, but then you are relying on the search having same keywords…

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