Static/white noise during audio playback while using ANC [HELP ME PLS]

So when playing stuff like podcasts when I use my Q20s with ANC on, there is static/white noise every time they talk along with the audio. I need help. Is this not normal?
Static plays whenever audio plays. Is there a fix?

The static you hear is the ANC playing

Static plays whenever audio plays. Is there a fix?

It’s not an issue, it’s a feature.

The way the headphones block out noise, is by playing “anti noise”. This generally sounds slightly like static. You shouldn’t be able to hear it in theory, but you can always slightly hear a static

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ANC works by playing a noise to counter the noise around you.

This is probably the hissing that some are.complaining about.

Pilots have used this for decades, to counter the engine noise. Some call it hissing, static or white noise, but whatever you call it, it’s the same. It’s how ANC works.

I get enough hissing in my ears from decades of tinnitus, so I don’t use ANC.