Step-By-Step Guide: Exclusive Liberty 2 Pro Valentine’s Day Deal

Hi everyone,

To say thank you to everyone who already uses Soundcore headphones and speakers, we’re offering you an exclusive $50 OFF Liberty 2 Pro true-wireless earbuds. So why not treat yourself or surprise someone special with the gift of incredible sound this Valentine’s Day?

If you don’t want to miss out, simply follow the directions below:

Note: If you get a page like the one below, please select the Liberty 2 Pro sold by AnkerDirect. You’ll automatically get $30 OFF without having to tick the box:

Congratulations, you’ve successfully saved $50!

Rules of Use:

  1. The code can only be used to purchase Liberty 2 Pro true-wireless earbuds (black and white versions) at
  2. Use the code together with the coupon on Liberty 2 Pro’s Amazon page to receive the exclusive $99.99 offer.
  3. The code can only be applied to Liberty 2 Pro sold by AnkerDirect.
  4. The code is valid from February 3rd through 14th, 2020 (PT time).
  5. The code can only be redeemed once.

Please contact our support team via if you have any questions.


Sweet deal for Liberty 2 Pro. :blush: Thanks for deal.


That’s a nice deal

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Awesome deal! I might get these for a friend!


Super deal!!

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That’s a wonderful Valentine deal :ok_hand:

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Now I get a chance to right a wrong! Thanks #Soundcore!

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Wish I could use my $100 soundcore voucher too :sweat:

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Nice deal, is there a special Valentine’s day color too? Red and pink?

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Nice deal! I need to see if I can make this work!

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No still just black and white for now.


White is still a good seller. Let’s wait and see.

Hey, just a question, is it only for Us like I’m from germany and don’t get any of these codes or discounts.

It’s most likely US only. Sorry about that.

Too bad, but it makes sense. You guys have been throwing custom versions of these out left and right over the holidays.

I never received my code. I’m located in the U.S.

I never received a code as well

I don’t have a code in my profile either. Can I just copy the code from the picture?

“No promotional code yet.”

Is there another way to receive a code?

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