Stereo pairing 2 flare 2's - is it actually stereo? (as in L and R separate signals?)

Hi there, I hope you can help answer this question -

I’ve just bought a Soundcore Flare 2, and wondered if I buy a second one, can I link them up as a stereo pair. I don’t mean just have the same music coming out of 2 speakers but having the L (left) signal coming out of one and R (right) signal coming out of the other. Much like a normal hi-fi system would have a L and R signal.

The difference between the two different setups (i.e. L and R signals vs. one signal through both) is a very different sonic experience. Please advise! thanks! Great speaker(s)!

I recall seeing one product did that as an undocumented feature (might have been the Motion+ , a particular button pressing sequence)

The Flare 2 does NOT do stereo pairing - I have three of them, and have tried it several different ways. PartyCast ties multiple speakers together, but not in a stereo setting, just the same sound from each speaker for greater sound coverage.

As far as I know, there is no workaround to make them stereo.

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The FLare 2 does Party-Cast not Stereo mode, no TWS.
That means you will get the same sound from all speakers you connect via Party-Cast

Hope its real stereo


No the Flare 2 is not really about stereo. It is not a wide speaker itself, Partycast is shared mono and it is not TWS where some models allow left/right.

If you want stereo and stereo separation then… different products than Flare 2.

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Thank you for explanation

Hi, ok, thanks for the contributed answers. Several sources claimed that a ‘stereo pair’ could be set up, it seems the terminology ‘stereo’ was used out of context.

This mistake is often made.
TWS -> Stereo-Mode, Partycast -> Partycast.
All this has been discussed here recently.

Search for it by using the magnifier (right upper corner)
to get more infos.

Speakers with different modi can not be paired.
To get speakers pairing perfectly,
you should go for the same type (model)

Regular Flare and Flare Mini support TWS. Flare and Flare Mini can also connect in TWS so you don’t have to strictly buy 2 Flare or 2 Flare mini.

Flare 2 has a different technology. Not sure where you read stereo pairing but I checked Soundcore website listing and they made no mention of “stereo” so hope everything is cleared out now :+1: