Stereo Pairing: The Ultimate SoundCore Feature

I just wrote a new review about Stereo pairing, which has become my FAVORITE SoundCore feature this summer. Check it out on the blog:

Is anyone else here a stereo fanatic? I think this is one of the main features that really sets soundcore apart from the competition. Here’s a quick pic of the office with stereo paired flares. I absolutely LOVE the sound field with this setup:


Yes, stereo pairing is amazing!

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Stereo pairing :heart:

Soundcore should extend / expand this to more across the products such as Icon with flare , minis included, zero, and others. For now, Flare Mini cannot stereo pair to Icon mini… Flare with Icon… and so on

That’s a great idea - at this time it’s only identical products. It does feel redundant to buy two of the same thing as a consumer. I know they were selling a flare 2 pack for a time…

Nice setup. I’m at work and can’t check the review but I bet its another good one :slight_smile:

Really lovr this feature, but pairing 2 different products for stereo would be even more amazing!!

A feature used often on my pair of Flare’s and while it would be good to be able to mix and match I can see why they haven’t gone wider with it…

Imagine pairing up a Flare with a Icon Mini, you’re not going to get the best of out your music compared to having the same models that are both outputting identical audio (in terms of bass, power etc)

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It’s one of my favorite features as well. Nice writeup!

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At least they could let Mini pair With a Mini :smile:

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This is a good point. It would actually be really annoying to have inconsistent audio across a space.

Good point! It would sound weird and inconsistent

Ooh, stereo pairing right now

About a year ago, I won a Motion B in the PowerDraw. Then about one year later (a couple of weeks ago), I won another Motion B in the PowerDraw (still waiting for verification email).

I have a Motion Q as well as a Soundcore 2 which both support Stereo Pairing but alas, they will only stereo pair with another of the same type speaker…

Upon receipt of the second Motion B, I’ll finally be able to try the Stereo Pairing out for myself…looking forward to this! :grin: