Still missing my Coupon

Hey @Loz, I traded in my points for a coupon on the 25th of September. Site said it would take 1 to 3 days for it to be delivered to my email address. But it is now the 7th and I still have not gotten the coupon. Any chance you can look into this please? And thank you

Anker is back from holidays tomorrow ( it is already 8th in China) so we should expect response late evening or may be tomorrow.

Will add this to the defects thread.

I ordered a coupon earlier, and it said 1 to 5 days to come.

I hate how whenever I make a decision like that, I always regret it afterwards

I got a $100 coupon to get a pair of icons, but now I wish I would have just got two $80 coupons to order two icon+ (assuming they added it to the site).

I guess I could get an icon+ and find another item that I want, and apply the extra $20 towards that, and then get an $80 coupon for an icon+ :thinking:. Idk, I’ll think about it.

Any suggestions on what i should do (just looking for input lol)

I guess it could be affected by the holiday. Maybe it isn’t completely automated.

Still interested to see how these coupons work.

What questions do you have?

Is it really just a gift card that expires after one use despite its remaining value? I would like to be certain it doesn’t have any restrictions like only able to be applied to a single item or only if the subtotal is more than the value of the coupon. Mostly fine print I have seen in other rewards programs.

I know about the holiday that’s why I waited to post this, but didnt want it to get lost or brushed aside so I made the thread early.
Technically j should have gotten it before the holiday :man_shrugging:

It’s a coupon, Not a giftcard.

You can apply it to an order, and it’s value is deducted from the order total. You get no leftovers, and the number of items doesn’t matter.

They also do not stack.

Minimum purchase? Typically a $100 coupon cannot be applied to a $98 purchase. Regardless, I’ll wait to hear your experience

I’m sure there is no minimum purchase. I don’t think it’s that type of coupon.

If it is, soundcore will have a lot of unhappy users

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I was just about to go through my spam box to see it mine got sent there, but figured I would check around on here first.

Yea that’s actually the first place I keep checking

Any suggestions? Should I get a pair of icons, or is the upgrade worth it enough to get a pair of icon+.

  • Pair of icons
  • Pair of icon+

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I accidentally destroyed my poll, so if you always voted feel free to vote again :joy:

Get off my thread with your stinky poll, lol

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@Seth22 @TechMan If it is like Techman stated. My question would be it is redeemable at only Soundcore site or can you also use it at Amazon as well. The reason why I was asking is that if it was able to be applied at Amazon then you may could get an item a little cheaper with the coupon. An example is say you had a 100 coupon and you are looking at a Soundcore item at Amazon that was about 60 and Amazon stated by clicking this box that you got a 10 dollar off. So you could actually get it for 50 instead of 60. Thus have 50 more to spend instead of 40.

I would think the coupon is for the Soundcore site only, judging on the US only aspect noted and that the majority of items can be purchased direct from the Soundcore site if you are in the US…

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