Streaming Services, Live TV services -- The Big Price Breakdown Saga

We have been talking of all the streaming (rather screaming) services…

Price breakdown of all the streaming services:

:moneybag: HBO Max: $14.99
:moneybag: Apple TV Plus: $4.99
:moneybag: Disney Plus: $7
:moneybag: Disney Plus Bundle: $13 --Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+, and $5 monthly savings over subscribing to each service separately.
:moneybag: Netflix: $8.99
:moneybag: Hulu: $5.99 or $11.99 with no ads. $44.99 for the Live TV version
:moneybag: Amazon Prime Video: free w/ Prime membership (Membership $119 per year or $12.99 monthly)
:moneybag: CBS All Access: $5.99
:moneybag:NBC Universal: $12 per month (expected), or free for Comcast cable customers called Peacock
:moneybag:ESPN+: $5

(Reference from CNET / BING / Internet / Whatever else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Live TV Streaming services breakdown..

:moneybag: YouTube TV : $49.99
:moneybag: Hulu Live TV : $44.99 (with ads) / $50.99 (no ads)
:moneybag: Sling TV: $15 (Orange / Blue) / $25 (Orange & Blue) … I dont get these color schemes :rofl:
:moneybag: AT&T TV Now: $50 / $70 (more included with $70)
:moneybag: fubo TV : $54.99
:moneybag: Playstation Vue: $49.99 (Access) / $54.99 (Core) – Sad to see the First Major Live TV service shutting down in 2020
:moneybag: Philo TV: $20

I will keep adding more as and when I find more.

Do you know others which I have missed here - new / existing / upcoming…please comment.


If you have AT&T and select an unlimited sharing plan you get ATTvnow (formerly directvnow). Its 35 or so channels and silid streaming,upcharge the plan for about 6 bucks and you get hbo, pandora or spotify.

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I really like the breakdown!!

Nice comparison list. Could come in handy in a few months when I decide which streaming services to get, and which to keep (with Disney and Apple coming out).

You could add in the more “premium” prices. I know Netflix and Hulu both have plans that cost extra…

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Nice break down.

Hulu price is wrong. That’s the base package and you still get ads. My buddy pays like 80 bucks a month but also included HBO, a few other premiums, and is add free except for local live channels.

Mentioned the base low prices… The moment you add the addons … the price goes up

If you have Sprint, you get hulu for free.

If you have amazon prime, then select premium channels become cheaper if you sign up through amazon.

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Nice breakdown of the prices, thanks :ok_hand:

You have some services that will offer TV channel services. I think Hulu offer a plus live TV service as well as YouTube and sling to name a few but I think there are still others.

I would add that amazon prime Video is effectively $10/month. Depending on how you value the free shipping benefits. I only have it because the package includes enough things for me at this point, if it was just one or two of the benefits I would have dropped it already.

It’s not just video though. You get free package shipping, amazon music and amazon cloud storage.

There are multiple possible reasons to have a Prime membership, each worth some amount to each person. Hopefully the total adds up to more than the cost, or you would not remain on the system.

For me, music and cloud storage from amazon is not valuable at all.
Free fast shipping is worth $4 or $5 a month to me, not the $10 a month that prime costs.
So my effective charge for the video service is about $5 a month.

Saying it is “free with prime membership” implies that prime membership is worth maintaining before even considering the video benefits. For you, those other services may be worth more than $10 a month and the video is effectively free. But not for all.

I order enough on amazon that the full $10 is worth the shipping alone. I save money with it.

Everything else is a bonus

If I didn’t have prime, I would still spend almost nothing on shipping from amazon, just adjust my order timing a bit to get over the minimum cutoff for free shipping, and wait patiently a few extra days. So the value in straight $ savings is close to 0.

My membership continues for the video primarily, with occasional shipping convenience a bonus. But that means the video part costs me $10 a month. Which is why I suggested that cost be included in OPs post.

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Prime Video Streaming is a good option and partly plays role in deciding the prime membership. I had it for sometime

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Not even premium with HULU. You need to pay $10.99 to even get a service comparable to the others. Those ads are killer.

Added NBC Universal and ESPN+ to the list

great breakdown. I am currently paying $79CDN per year for Prime Amazon. I am also paying about $3.40CDN for my Youtube Premium which gets me Youtube Music, Youtube Kids and Google Play Music

As more players enter the game, expect to see more offer additional services for free
Freebies are the key hook in the “streaming wars”

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Thanks for sharing that! I just found out I probably get a free year of Disney+ with my Verizon plan.

I have unlimited 4g, which is basically their “highest tier” plan, so I should qualify

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