Streaming Services, Live TV services -- The Big Price Breakdown Saga

I am a Comcast user, and hopeful about the NBC Universal being free :joy:

The rate at which the streaming services are increasing the rates / charging for Addon, I wonder when the Reverse Phenomenon may occur… People going back to Cable TV.

Awesome!! So free Disney+ :+1: for 12 months!

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And this is why is always great to have many hands on finding deals out because 1 person may never know it all. But the collective minds working together and we can rule the world :smile:


True, good to know so many great deals. Now need to decide which one I have to pick LOL

Thanks for adding that information on prime, nice list.

Put it all together, and you can see why so many people still go for piracy on some level. Sorting out which of those packages you need to put together to get the shows you want to watch is off putting. And some of them still put ads in your shows. The promise of a one stop shop to watch what you want seems to be getting further away.

There are workarounds for ads … I have some of it successfully blocked on Hulu and most of streaming apps

I question the legality of that…

My local library system has pretty up to date movies and TV shows on blue-ray which is nice and is free.

This is a big topic on most internet forums… block ads on youtube and hulu, mostly on reddit … and if i block it, i enjoy it, whats the legality question on it? hulu 90 second ads are most annoying

It’s their revenue source. Either you watch ads, or you pay a little extra to have no ads. By removing a revenue source on something like that, it just sounds illegal. I don’t know wether or not it is, because I haven’t studied the laws. Either way it’s unkind to Hulu or YouTube etc.

After all, YouTube and reddit only make money from ads. If you remove ads, they are losing money and will go out of business.

With all the enjoyment they provide to you, the least you can do is support them by watching ads.

Have network ad blocker at home, which helps me lot of trouble from spams, malicious sites, and streaming devices get the network via the same … i cannot invest into more hardware just for these streaming. Hope the streaming services come up with better anti-adblocking methods :+1:

Lets not forget YouTube’s TV service that comes in a $49.99 USD per month. I personally would choose this over Hulu however the number of concurrent streams is on the low side with no unlimited screen option unfortunately.

I’m not sure what to think about youtube. Nice for convenience, kind of weird range for selection and quality.

What is unkind is the obnoxious and repetitive ads so many of these companies show. I block ads in general where possible, because so many are junk. And then an amazed when I see the same sites on another person’s computer - what I think of as a nice clean site is really a horror show of irrelevant ads.

People who block ads deserve to get blocked from the sites. It’s just messed up. It’s those websites source of revenue. It’s not free to run those sites…

Since I will never click on the ads I am not a source of revenue regardless - almost all of the payout these days comes from click throughs. And since my respect for the companies that spend on those types of ad drops every time I see one, I am doing the ad buying companies a favor by not showing them.

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Keep telling yourself that.

20 years of web browsing and probably less than one ad a year intentionally clicked on through that whole time. With or without ad blockers. I’m not the target audience.

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Updated Live TV services breakdown to the post!!

With the release of Apple TV+, I hate it. There’s so little content to make it worth $5.

The actual programming is great. It may be worth it once they have like 20x the content, but right now it’s not even close.