Strike 3 - Renewed at Amazon $17

Check the coupon to get it down from $21 to $17.

These are renewed, with a 90 day Amazon warranty.

At the moment, you might still prefer the new ones with the 55% coupon discount from Amazon directly - that is only $22.50, as someone else posted a few days ago. But we’ll see how long that price lasts.

The soundcore us page has been redesigned, and it is now harder to find the Strike 3s and I couldn’t find the strike 1 at all. Is it possible they have decided to move back out of the wired headset market already?


Not a bad price at all nice find

Ooo that’s pretty nice interesting to see prices for the strike 3 drop so low lately

Nice deal. $17 for a good pair of gaming headphones.

Nice find.

For $17 its well worth it

Nice deal @jercox