Suddenly unable to pair liberty 3 pro to any devices

Today the earbuds suddenly unable to connect to my laptop and my phone. I’ve tried resetting the earbuds, reopen the Bluetooth on both devices, they still cannot discover the earbuds.
What should I do now??

We have to check out all possibilities!
You made a successful reset already.
Bt list from laptop and phone are totally deleted.
The buds dont show up at both devices.
And of course they fully charged.

What can we do?
If the buds are under warranty you can contact the service and tell them what you have done already.
You should add all numbers you find (Buds, case, package) when contacting them.

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If the 3 pros are low in charge, I would charge them some.

I restart the laptop and and phone as you are resetting the buds.

Try to connect again.

Are they still in the case when you are connecting or out of the case? I had one or two that would not let me connect when the buds were in the case and only triggered as on when they were out of the case (blinking lights)

If you are able to connect, I would check the app for any updates for the device (not sure if this a new bud or are older. If not then I would contact support to see if they have any tricks for it.

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The fact it an issue with both buds, not one of them, means it is highly likely not a hardware failure with the buds but one of the other causes related to you and your devices.

Do all of these steps:

  • plug case into power and leave it connected. This helps eliminate if the case confused the buds.
  • clean the case and bud pins. This helps eliminate the case confused the buds, but probably as both buds have an issue it’s probably not grime cause. Does no harm as you do need to clean periodically anyway.
  • when case and buds dry, put in case, close case.
  • delete all your pairings. You probably have something paired you don’t realise. For example someone else nearby paired with them and so you cannot connect. So think if someone / something nearby connected. If the reset had not worked then the other device’s connection still exists, is still connected, so why we have to try more to reset to remove that unknown other device’s pairing.
  • follow the reset instructions.
  • wait a few minutes.
  • attempt to pair on one device only. This should now work. If it does then disconnect from that one device and pair on other device. Remember that laptops and phones don’t like to share bluetooth devices and you may have simply got lucky before. Typically buds have to be powered off (in case, lid closed) then connect to laptop and then connect to phone. The other way around is less commonly successful.

Thanks! It works now :))

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What do you think was wrong before?

And what was the reason for this issue.
Any guess?

Happy to hear you have it sorted. They are my favorite Soundcore Earbuds. :+1:

Glad they are working now :slight_smile: