Suggestion: Provide actual tracking number for orders

This came up in a thread about the shipping dates for the Liberty 2 Pro, but I wanted to pull this out and make sure the Soundcore team hears this feedback. Having ordered the Liberty 2 Pro on I was hoping to have a tracking number to follow. With a tracking number I can make changes to deliveries, and get more specific information about the package. With the Soundcore tracking system I don’t get that info and have to log into the Soundcore site to see the status. Please add the carrier and tracking number on the order page :slight_smile:.

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Yes! Fantastic idea.

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Please make this happen.

Usually the actual shipping number is underneath the swiship link… would you mind checking your email again?

I just checked my email, no tracking number to be found.

I wish they would do this for giveaways as well. I know I won a pair of Pro 2s, but nothing on my page shows that the item is pending, or shipped. Would be nice to at least check on it manually and not be sitting in the dark.


I kinda hope I don’t get any notification so one day it will just show up on my doorstep as a surprise hehe

Orders without tracking numbers drive me crazy - I don’t mind for cheap junk from China, but for $100+ headphones, I would like to know where it is.

My fear is that I will leave it sitting outside for three days before I think to look! Ha ha!!

LOL if it has a great IPX rating, you will not have to worry about the weather… only thieves LOL

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I mean No matter when it comes I won’t get it until I get off work. And I’ll never miss it since they always get left on my porch.

I sometimes make a trip to the house during my lunch. If I knew they were coming in, I would definitely run home to meet them and then spend the rest of the afternoon getting them setup!

I guess you don’t live in a place where packages get stolen constantly. Stuff gets stolen constantly in my urban neighborhood.

I looked in emails and on the site but the tracking number is nowhere to be found. I even tried to see if I could find it embedded in the page source, but no luck.

Makes sense. I’ve never had a package stolen, and don’t know about anyone near me having packages stolen.

Plus I have the eufy (anker) video doorbell so I could always catch them hehe

I ordered my unit promptly on the 26th. My unit has yet to arrive. It says “shipped” on the webpage but when I attempt to track the package, all I see is that the label was generated.

I do not know if it is still on it’s way, or if it hasn’t left California yet. I feel that a more robust tracking system would certainly be a nice feature.

I live in an apartment. I am also concerned about the possibility for theft.