Suggestions for Liberty Pro 2


can you add inside your soundcore app the ability to tune music to 432 Hz and 528hz?
There are players doing this like the “432 Hz Player” in the app store:

You would either need to apply a pitch or slow down effect. It would be good to have both option,
or more if you can think of them.

Can you provide a full manual that explains the difference between the red-tubed eartips and the normal ones? For some of the eartips, it is really hard to spot the difference, which is found in the narrowness of the edge. Numbering them would help to understand the difference.

Also add xl for the earwings.

Softwarewise you could add more options to customizing what the keys do, e.g.: a second tier option on how large or small the volume adjustment is, or how long it takes to switch the earpieces on or off, or what happens when both buttons are presse simultaneously: e.g. activating assistant.

Edit: please also give option to deactivate blinking lights. I thought anyway they switch off.

BTW. I’m using the headphones on a oneplusone that has bluetooth 4. How much better will they sound on a phone that has bt 5?


Tones in general would be awesome…