Suggestions for Wakey alarm clock

Would like to see some additional enhancements for the Wakey product:

  1. additional brightness settings for the primary LED display (firmware possible?)
    reasons: with the White LED display, even the dimmest setting is a bit too bright for some users. Would love a fully adjustable (non-graduated, as the current 1 thru 5 setting which exists today), more like a slider from “display off” thru “max brightness”, allowing full customization of brightness - and therefore better display responsiveness in the “auto” mode.

  2. ability to turn off , or at least adjust the brightness of, the blue “charging” LED when phone is on the charging pad.
    reasons: this was a bit of a surprise, while the rest of the device is terrific, the ability to adjust the primary time display LED brightness is completely negated by the very bright, blue charging LED on the upper edge of the display panel, which also serves to nearly light up a dark room. Further, while the user has the option to turn the primary display completely “off” via the night mode feature, the bright blue LED remains on regardless. Would love the ability to apply the same brightness adjustment to the charging LED, and/or have the ability to turn it off, or have the same flexibility as would be provided with feature 1, mentioned above. Tacking on a piece of black electrical tape to cover up the LED seems like the “wrong” approach for an otherwise elegant product… but it has crossed my mind.

Lastly: this particular suggestion cannot happen via firmware; but, future product enhancement idea: allow user to either customize the LED color (with multi-color emitters), or offer multiple SKUs with different color displays … example case: all of the above might become a non-issue if the front panel LED emitters were red; the original night-mode color which is generally unobtrusive for a nightstand clock.

All else aside, a GREAT product – with a little firmware tweak to the LED brightness, applied to all the emitters on the front panel, it would make the Wakey an absolute winner!

Thank you for your consideration!

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Great suggestions. I am actually working on a suggestion list for the wakey.

It’s a great product and is 100% functional as advertised, but I do see some key ways that would make it far superior. I think V2 could be what gets soundcore to be a more popular brand. It has great potential.

I agree about the brightness–it is way too bright for my liking at night. My work-around for this was to use the “Night Mode” setting. All of the lights on it turn off from 10:30pm to 6:30am. Had to turn this on during the first night I had it because the light was brighter than I was expecting.

I honestly don’t mind how bright it is, but I definitely understand how some people would.

I prefer a very dark room at night, so a full dark night mode is a must.