Sup fellow audio geeks! My Comprehensive Liberty 2 Pro review is Live!

My name is Jeff and my YouTube channel is EL JEFE REVIEWS! I dropped my full review of the Liberty Pro 2 earlier today and I was invited to share it with you here. I also included comparisons to my favorite earbuds from varying price points. Your feedback or questions are welcome and encouraged.


Great review @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS! Thanks for being 100% honest with us in the review!

Hope you get many more months (years?) of use out of them!

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Thanks bro! Even though I still have to test many others, these are now my go-to daily earbuds.

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As I mentioned on Twitter, thanks for your honesty and review comparison.

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Thanks dude!

Great and detailed review! Thanks for sharing @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS :+1:

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Thank you for checking it out and giving me your time!

First rate review as usual @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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Excellent review. Waiting on UK Delivery, but good to have a personal experience and comparisons.

Was there any of the reported white noise issues noticeable on your units?


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Great review, I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube for awhile, glad you shared this one on the community.


Excellently done! Thanks for the review :+1:

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Thank you! I appreciate you checking out my review.

No white noise with mine thankfully. It was a pre-order as well so I must have gotten one of the good ones.

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Thank you Andrew! I appreciate your support!

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Thank you for watching! I appreciate your time!

Jeff, another great video.

I folllowed you on Youtube before I bought the Liberty 2 pro and I am glad you like it too.

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Thank you for checking out the videos!

Great review. Thank you for posting here and will follow your You Tube site from here on.

The only drawback is no Passthrough sound as you mentioned up front in your video. Of course if use them in mono mode lose some functions set up for stereo listening. The Soundcore App is the the best
App I have used that includes Don’t Headphones app and others. I thought I had a connection issue and looked at the app to find there was a firmware update that once installed resolved any issue I thought I had

Your video is v ery on par with everything I thought of the Liberty 2 Pro’s. I use them all day long both mono and stereo modes.

They were delivered very quickly after Pre-Ordering them and super glad I did. Getting these at the pre-order discount was well worth it.

I use mono mode primarily when home and need to hear others around. I am a heavy phone call user in addition to listening to a lot of podcasts and music. I have had more expensive and less expensive TWS and by far these are the best.

The noise cancelling by firm fit alone keeps background noise low and out. May replace my over ear Headphones I purchased for concentrating on work, reading and other things…

Pass through mode will be added later through a software update.

Is this confirmed? This and if you can pair two devices at the same time these buds would be optimal!