Support topic- How to connect to the soundcore app

We have had a several threads in the past about connecting to the app. With new earbuds coming out, I am assuming we may have an influx of new users searching on how to connect their device to the app.

So here it is using the Liberty 2 as an example.

  1. Go to your device Bluetooth settings and scan for the earbud/speaker you want to add. Once the earbuds are found, you will click on the earbuds to connect them to your phone.

  1. Once you select to connect the earbuds, it should give you the option to pair the earbuds to your phone. Depending on your earbuds and phone, you may be pairing one earbud or two earbuds.

  1. Once paired, you should see your earbuds listed under paired devices. Once that is done you can go to your soundcore app.

  1. Once you paired the device to your Bluetooth, you are not connected with the app. You will need to search for your soundcore device under speaker or headphones ( this includes earbuds) to add them to the app.

  1. Once you find your earbuds from the list, you will click on the device you want to connect to the app.

  1. From here the app will try to search for your earbuds that are connected to your Bluetooth.

  1. After it searches, it should find it and navigate you to your devices app screen. (if it does not, it will take you to the Bluetooth screen and you just have to click your device and then back out and it should take you to this screen afterwards) You are now connected.

  1. If you click on the 3 dots on the top right of the earbud screen, it will take you to firmware information that has the following info
  • Firmware version
  • Earbuds serial number
  • Update firmware
  • Guides to use earbuds if available.

  1. After you leave the earbud screen, you will now have a new button for My devices. From here you can view all the devices linked with the app. You can connect to each device as needed and make changes to your devices settings.


Thanks a lot. Now we can point people to this thread every time instead of repeating instructions to everyone. :laughing:

Great walkthrough - when everything “just works” it is a great experience - when it doesn’t, it can be baffling. So definitely a need for better documentation than you can find in the box.

Good idea. Thank you.

We should a create a FAQ part here.
There it should be published.

Well done.
Very useful instructions.

Bookmarked so I can just find this topic and paste it every time this question comes up

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Great idea @Duane_Lester, this maybe worthwhile linking in the faq section too?

Thanks for this, I was just about to return them to Amazon as presumed it was useless. really should update the instructions that come with it as they are terrible. The most important part missed out???