Supporting the brand

When you are able to get someone to switch over from other brands and give soundcore a try.
Makes you happy to see someone else happy with them.

This makes the second person I have convinced to give soundcore a try with both people enjoying them.
Really makes working in the construction industry easier being able to use earbuds and be hands free.
Anybody else have stories of getting people to give soundcore a try?
What was the experience for them good or bad?


I gave my brother earbuds and he said they hurt ears. He gave those niece and she loved them

Got son the q30 and he loved them for his condition.

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I’ve been able to get my family to try them easier. (Wife, mom, brother) they love.

If I search I probably have helped convince someone to buy but no specific memories of one.

It has become harder to make a simple straight recommendation due to the proliferation of products, the ones I own are becoming a smaller fraction of the portfolio. For example I can recommend the Life P2 as I have them, but I can’t recommend credibly say the Libery Air 2 Pro as I don’t have.

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I did that too and they like them as well. As @The_Professor stated that sometimes those recommendation may backfire if the product develops flaws.

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Yea that is true since most people go off of what someone says about a product.
Can make it easier since they have different styles that they can find one that fits them.

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As I have to own my responsibility to recommend a product, I have to have it for months and no issues, or issues not salient to the use case the person is seeking. So means I cannot recommend all the newest products. That plus not owning. It means I am in effect only able to recommend a couple of older products.

That is different to what most of Soundcore want us to do which is recommend their newest products because in general they are higher price.

If Soundcore wanted me to recommend more, they’d have to send me more and earlier.

I barely win anything, so it’s very few recommendations I can make truthfully honestly.

Probably the only general recommendation would be in my experience the warranty return process has always been excellent, and so long as you know what’s important to you, exercise your free return period to test a product then rely on warranty thereafter.


I donated ANKER/soundcore products to friends and family members in the past years.
And I try to give customers help if I can do.
But if I don’t get my hands on products, I can neither recommend nor donate it
and of course I can not answer questions about those.


I’ve donated more Anker products than Soundcore but have definitely recommend and aided in people buying Soundcore products for sure. I usually aslo have to end up helping them decide which product will actually fit their needs

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Update seems they are happy with them.:grinning:

Sweet… Always enjoy when people enjoy the brand.

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