Swag email sent to spam

Just an FYI to those who won the top 250 prizes, check your spam folder if you have not received an email to claim your prize. Mine was sent to my spam in Gmail and the cutoff is today to add your info.


mine was sent via pm from @Loz

Guys if you haven’t checked your messages in a while you might want to check it now.

The Soundcore Swag?

If it was part of the 250 top prizes then yes. I would imagine he sent messages to everyone.

I got and filled out the form a while ago. Thanks for the heads up for those who missed it!

most of emails for the swag was sent out sometime on Oct 18th… and filled out then. Is this for swag or the other prizes?

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I saw nothing for the swag, this was for the top 50 prizes.

It must have been Swag

I got both swag and coupon via DM here and email as well.

Yeah that is what it is looking like. I went through all of my inbox messages here and in Gmail, as well as Spam and this was the only one I saw.

Like everyone I got it via PM here

Only one I got was for the 24 hour launch contest. Probably grouped them as the same and didn’t need to ask again.

That email was specifically for SWAG. If you received a private message from me it would have been for a different reason. Please update your original message in this thread to specify it was SWAG. Otherwise it’ll lead to confusion, and confusion leads to my inbox being flooded :grimacing:

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Done and done. Sorry about that, I couldn’t tell between that and the top 50 prize. It has been updated

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anyone receive their sway yet. I have not as of yet? Anyway to check or track

@Hermes_Alvarenga An update was posted here this morning. SWAG is due in Dec.

Now I never received an email to claim my swag, but made sure my address was correct in the Soundcore profile as originally instructed. That’s okay, right, @Loz?