Swap board suggestion

Maybe Soundcore would consider allowing a swap board, where members could swap items. Of course the terms and conditions should state participation is at their own risk, and Soundcore takes no responsibility of any sort.

Then members could swap speakers, cords, cds and music related items. Like a Craigslist for the Soundcore Community.

Defiantly an idea I would be interested in. I don’t think soundcore/anker would ever adopt the idea though…

Too high of a chance to be scammed and lose products, not to mention the sharing of personal information
Anker has shut down this idea in the past and I dont see soundcore being any different

I feel like it could be controlled to some degree, would love to see this.

Of course personal information should stay in PMs.

But it would be nice if for instance, we could do something like this:

Example only -
Wanted: Zero
Can trade: Nebula Mars JBL, open box, excellent condition

Feel like the risk of swindles plus the price of shipping would make this hard to implement. Probably better off buying and selling on ebay or craigslist, that are already designed and planned around this sort of private party transactions.

Swap section = can of worms, especially the it comes to possible fakes, items being ‘sent’ but not received etc etc…doubt it would come to fruition under Soundcore anymore than the attempts under the Anker community…,

We have already discussed this.
To many issues would raise up.
No responsibility when something goes wrong etc.

Ok, I guess it’s ok if it doesn’t work out.

What about Free to good home?

Totally would be interested in it.