Tesla Cybertruck unveil


Tesla Cybertruck unveil is a little over an hour away! Who else will be watching it?


If I can stay awake, I’ll be tuning in!!

I will watch it later on some tech news… Tesla Events are not interesting enough

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No joke, I didn’t expect this.

In the glass strength test, the glass broke :joy::joy:


I like the price point on it. I just hope they can truly deliver everything they’ve promised and keep it at that price!!

Saw this over news, It was bad to see it happen, however it’s great how Musk carried the show with those 2 shattered windows.

I think it was just a beta version of the glass. Or maybe that prototype just had regular glass as opposed to the “special” glass they demonstrated.

The glass they advertised should have easily withheld that ball bearing… something went wrong…

Glass like that already exists… it’s all very weird.

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its like one of those famous Windows 98 BSOD demo with Bill Gates :rofl:

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Pretty sure I saw 136K preorders already. I kind of like it, kind of hate it. lol

Same. It’s one of those things that keeps growing on me.

Elon tweeted that there were like 136k preorders (on Friday I believe). I’m sure there are even more now.

They aren’t really preorders though. It’s just a $100 non-refundable deposit that gets you a spot in line to get one. You can always back out.

Thats how all preorders are.

Now always. For preorders on iPhones, you pay full price and they automatically ship and stuff. Basically the same as buying it, but it’s not released yet.

Preorder for the soundcore liberty 2 pro was the same way…

Update from a few minutes ago…

Did anybody notice that when the ATV was loaded into the back of the “truck” how much the back end of the “truck” sagged from the weight of the loaded ATV? Did Tesla’s designers ever hear of electronically controlled air suspension?

This whole presentation seemed very strange to me…almost like a joke.

Is there going to be a “real” reveal where they reveal the real thing?