Tesla disables features on a resold car

This is a weird story in the whole context, I think Tesla messed up. But emblematic of the ways in which companies are trying not to fully sell us the things that we think we own.

Like the HP ink disabling thing, but for a much more expensive product.

Tesla is very clear on it’s Software Package… you get what you pay for… they did it recently on most of the cars in inventory and valuation.

I get it on purchase. But if someone has paid for a feature, and resells a car, that value should go with it - the feature has already been paid for once. Either that, or it will hurt resale values by the amount it would cost to repurchase the feature - maybe good for Tesla, but bad for Tesla owners. Which is bad for Tesla in the long run.

Mary be it’s like some conditions in fine print… software features cannot be trusted
Transferred / re-sold / re-applied to new owner.:sweat_smile:

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I would be absolutely livid. If the first owner had purchased upgrades they should stay with the vehicle.

That being said I would be taking car back to dealer I bought it from and get them to either give me full refund or pay for software upgrades.

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Definitely would do the same. The dealer needs to take care of him.

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