Test Soundcore Life Q20 Headphones for Free!

Hi guys,

There’s still time to apply to test our Life Q20 Noise Cancellation Headphones. So, here’s a quick rundown of everything that makes Life Q20 great:

Certified Hi-Res Audio: Oversized 40 mm dynamic drivers produce certified Hi-Res Audio with treble extended to 40 kHz for exceptional clarity and details.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling: Four microphones and a digital active noise cancellation algorithm detect and filter out up to 90% of low- and mid-frequency sounds such as airplane and car engines. So it’s perfect for all the frequent flyers out there.

All-Day Comfort: Memory foam earcups covered in protein leather pads feel super comfortable and the headband’s adjustable joints adjust the angle of the earcups to fit the shape of your head better.

40-Hour Playtime: Enjoy up to 40 hours of playtime from a single charge in wireless ANC mode. (Playtime increases to 60 hours when you use standard wireless listening mode.)

If you think you’ve got what it takes to create an in-depth review of Life Q20, head over to the Anker Community’s Testing Club now to fill out the application form.

Good luck to everyone!:smile:


Thanks for the heads up and warm welcome @dorothy.li, nice to see another Soundcore team member posting :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome @dorothy.li!

Welcome @dorothy.li always a pleasure to have another team member posting. And thanks for letting us know about the headphone testing.

Thanks for your warm welcome :smiley:

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Thanks. :grin:Did you register for the test? Good Luck!

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Thanks and welcome @dorothy.li

Welcome @dorothy.li :wave:

Yes I have, I actually registered the day I saw it posted up on the test page

Of course I did!

I recently tested the Sony 1000 series sound canceling headphones in a store and was shocked at how well they worked. They should have had a camera there recording people’s reactions as it got so quiet so fast I jumped and looked around and pulled them back off as I thought the air conditioning and nearby speaker testing room had all shut off for some reason suddenly. :rofl:

Felt like an idiot but I sure know that the sound canceling works wonders in that headset now and I want to recreate that at home and work. Hoping I get chosen, but we will see.

Have the Q20’s and absolutely love 'em!

Not available for Canadians. Imagine that.

Actually bought these not long ago… Awesome headphones!

Stop spreading the word to the masses, you are killing my chances, after I signed up shortly after they were posted.

But seriously, everyone should probably bookmark that page for regular visits. Never know what cool stuff will pop up.

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How is the noise canceling on them, @Quinn.Armstrong? My son has Asperger’s. He is pretty smart but does have some issues with his condition. One of those is ambient noise around him and from time to time certain sounds will just get to him at times… I thought about getting him these or the other version of these. So just wondering how effective these are and how well the NC worked.

Hi Duane!

To be honest I have not used them in noisy conditions or anything outside of my home.

My niece has autism and has this exact pair, she can listen to music and read or play to herself and not be bothered. I would say the Noise Cancelling with the Over -The - Ear is very very good. Even when not activated and just in normal mode.

I would highly recommend for your son! And as you know if they don’t work, Amazon has an amazing return policy.

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@dorothy.li while I did sign up as of this posting there are 726 applicants, and given how I have been passed up on all the other review iemst since the testing page has gone up, I wont get my hopes up

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Was tempted to sign up myself at first before I recalled these are micro USB charge…keeping my eyes open for the Q10 (or even better the X2’s :grin:)

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Aw man I’m dying for the x2 to be released…I see that’s the first place price for referrals, I may have to buy some more people