Testing beta prototypes

Is there any way that some people could test some of the beta test products


Currently it is by invitation only based on your public profile.

They have plenty already, typically a two dozen testers per product.

If you think you are uniquely able to do better than the current testers put your case in an email to them. You will get more attention if you have a high subscription / follower on youtube / social media.


I know a few on here have been testers but personally i am not sure i would want to be , for me beta testing is for those who know more tech talk then me and for those who have better hearing lol


Write an email to the support and tell them your very special abilities to do such tests.
Good luck!
Btw I was never invited, but I am not such an unique specialist! :laughing:


Not true

Where I work as a Business Analysis, I think the Beta testing here is basically what we called UAT (user acceptance testing) of the agile project management model. So with the beta, you are not in the development phase but near the end of the project cycle

Basically testing how it will react in the real world. So testers are catching what the initial testers did not or stating things that they do not like of the product. So well versed tech folks are good but there should always be the need for testers that are not well tech versed as well.

So at my work we liked getting UAT testers on the software that was less tech versed. They were able to give a better view if the product was easy to navigate, or interact or etc.

So it mostly comes down to just using the device, making positive test (test of how it should function) and negative test (test of how it should not function) for the product

The bad thing is with Beta tester for the Anker brands would be getting tester whom are only wanting to test to get a free product. So they get the product and with no discussions. So you may end up with a few doing what they are needing to do instead of everyone doing it.

It reminds me of this one guy we dealt with that was a supervisor who would go to the bathroom when a decision was needing made on functionality so he did not have to make that decision and let others decide. It was funny for me and my coworkers to watch which decisions he would go to the bathroom on… LOL

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And we will see, if there are no more free items here “to win” the number of regulars will shrink, same as at ANKER#s forum.

No, not only those sophisticated tech freaks (Watts, Volts, Decibels)) are needed.
Often those have their heads only in the clouds! :smile:

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I agree. There should be as much diversity possible of testers so the chance of a bug not being noticed is minimized. So “not the type” qualifies in, doesn’t qualify out.

How many bugs do we see on each new product release, a couple of firmware updates nearly always happens. So more diversity in testers is a good thing.


Companies that are serious about having a diverse test group tend to use a place like centercode / betabound that can draw a large applicant pool without revealing much about the test - you often don’t even know the company name until accepted for testing. And those tests include strict NDAs - having a high profile and lots of followers is a negative.

The beta testing part here is NDA as well, but from what little we know it seems to be a smaller pool of community members. Anker’s Poweruser program was the feed in for that at one point, but the link is now broken and I don’t know of any way to apply now.

The “Testing Club” here and at Anker was no such thing - it was really a social media / marketing tool. So no beta products, no responsiveness to feedback from an engineering team, just a request to post feedback online to all your followers.


I am not in that pool, but I really don’t mind.

The reason might be, you mentioned that :
I am NOT TAKING part in any such “unsocial media”.
Never produced any such rich of substance unpacking videos and other propaganda.

That’s not a satisfying task of an engineer even retired! :joy:
so let those do who like and believe in themselves.


I used to be a beta tester on a music player app, in fact I was the only one. It was called beats cloud music player. In fact I helped to design many of features included having a 15 band EQ. It got a million downloads.

Let me tell you, Beta testing is not what you think it is. You first have to love the product with the will to make it better. Then look for the user experience and how they will engage with the product. Tech makers or the developers need that feedback because they’re not the eyes on the ground. The Beta tester is the key. Without a good beta tester, the chances are, the product will be weaker on release.

You have to be absolutely 100% focused on the product and look at it from every angle. It’s no free ticket to the party.

You’ll also need to be absolutely creative, looking for many minor improvements.

It’s work, let me just say that.

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Do you know the eq of PulseEffects?
It has the most frequencies to adjust I suppose. -> 30
I think these are too many. :grin:

Of course there are some no human is able to hear.
(dogs may) :laughing:

But the other effects of this program are fantastic.
Its the most powerful audio program I came in touch with.

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Yeah, sometimes it can be too much. 10 is a good. In fact as long as long as it’s responsive 5 is good too. The purist will want more.

Effects will be a good addition, that’s true. :+1:

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Yes I agree, the more the people are confused with

Same is with the effects :
There are too many “effects”.
I understand the function of some, others I do not.
Maybe I should play around with, but as far there is no need I don’t.
Never change a running system and I am not a tester of this program. :grin:

This could do a sound engineer , I am a humble computer engineer only! :sweat_smile:


Haha, I’ve actually got Jet audio plus music player with all the sound add ons. I’ve stopped using it because I’d be tweaking it all the time and never stopping. I’m quite happy with the soundcore app. It helps to have a good starting point or preset and tweak it from that. In fact being able to adjust your music so it sounds better is great. :slight_smile:

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I know Jet Audio of course!
Don’t undervalue an old computer engineer,
out of service now, but in the informatics game since about 50 years!
Starting with punching cards and ALGOL 60! :laughing:

No, no, not true, I remember we had punched tapes first! :rofl:


That approach to recruiting testers suggests it’s more about marketing than having feedback and improving products.

I have been fortunate to have beta tested a range of technology products from photo and video editing software to mesh wifi and phones.

To me the most rewarding part of testing is seeing your suggestions being included in the final product and it being successful.

I noticed a new product has been launched - sleep A10s, these have features that I previously suggested to Soundcore (plus some of their own innovations).
I would have loved to have been a part of the testing team for these.


I think it could also be useful for them to get less knowledgeable people for testing to get deeper levels of opinion.


They prefer testers who create a video and do propaganda.
The quality of the test is secondary.
Watch all the videos of so called testers.
There are only a few worth to watch and to mention, the rest is trash.

Same is with all those unpacking videos,
I am asking myself who needs such ones.