Thanks Soundcore q 30

I like my headphones
One of the best headphones i ever bought
Im happy with them
And hope they willl last along time
Like the material said it willl
Thanks soundcore
For the product


I’m glad you like them. I like my Q30 as well.

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I do have them but have found an issue with a pair or two…

I like mine too. Great Headphones for the price IMHO.

I just received my q30’s today, for the price they are brilliant I can leave my phone downstairs in the basement and walk all around the house without loosing any quality, well done awesome headphones.


Glad you like them. They are pretty good.

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I’ve found similar with my Q35s, crazy good range. Even worked well working outside and iPad in the house!

Glad you are liking them!

And welcome to the community.