The 10 Best Movie Soundtracks Of All Time

Earlier in the week, Anna Pancaldi, an independent artist from the UK, was a guest on our Soundcore Stories podcast. As well as sitting down for an interview, we invited Anna to share her top 10 best movie soundtracks of all time. We’re not sure how she managed to whittle the list down to just 10, but here’s Anna with her picks:

Hi everyone,

Well, how lovely to make your acquaintance, virtually!

I’m a singer/songwriter/topliner living in London Town! I write and perform all the music for my artist project, but more recently I have been thrilled to compose in other areas within the music industry such as: dance toplining, music for TV/sync, studio session work, and composing with and for other artists.

Having my music placed in TV shows has been a highlight and a thrill. It’s not something I set out to achieve when starting out in music, but it’s something that has been fulfilling and an unexpected joy!

Composing for TV sits within its own entity, for sure. But what I found I love about composing in this area is that it is structured, specific, and there’s a definite knowingness of what people want from the music. In comparison, composing for my artist’s profile is incredibly personal and one can be endlessly self-deprecating, which means it can take a lot longer to reach a point of peace, excitement, and approval when it comes to releasing the music.

To me, a great soundtrack is one that moves you with the melody and the varying motifs that are often used throughout; pieces of music that become soundtracks are inextricably linked to nostalgia and become etched in your mind.

  1. The Mission – The iconic track ‘Falls’, which is filled with emotion and feeling, pulls you along with its beauty and always takes me somewhere beautiful.
  1. Hook – The booming horns and use of strings throughout create such a magic that so perfectly match the film and all its action and subtext.
  1. Braveheart – That unforgettable melodic motif that rings out with such ease.
  1. The Shape of Water – Its delicate soundtrack took a starring role in this film where words were few.

  1. Jurassic Park – This has to be in there, its valiant melodies stand tall and are so beautiful. So many of these soundtracks are attached to my childhood so they ring strongly in my mind and memory.
  1. Lord of the Rings – A family favorite in the Pancaldi family household, it makes me cry each time I hear a few of the songs on this soundtrack, especially ‘The Breaking of the Fellowship.’ Unforgettably haunting.
  1. West Side Story – For its bold, frenetic and strong melodies, also paired with stunning, soft melodies to accompany.
  1. The Perfect Storm – I adored this melody the first time I watched the movie, and it’s another that is never far from bringing a tear to my eye. Even without the context of the story and song title, ‘Coming Home from the Sea’, has a coming home sort of feeling that reminds me of many happy ‘coming homes’ and the feeling of not seeing family and friends for long periods of time and longing to be with them.
  1. Pocahontas – I had to squeeze a Disney film in here, and to be honest, I could have filled this list with my favorites :wink: Its pulsing beats and the main songs, ‘Just Around the Riverbend’ and ‘Colors of the Wind’, have my heart!
  1. Out of Africa – This moving soundtrack reminds me of living in South Africa and the heartache of having to move back to the UK as a teenager. What a very stunning soundtrack indeed.

Thank you to Anna for her Top 10 list! So what do you think? Which movie soundtracks would you add to the list? Share your favorites in the comments :point_down:


I know other ones which might not be known by you young ones here :grin:

The movie is more than a classic one.

And of course Enrico Morricone (RIP) (You already mentioned, William)
These ones are better know in my view

and that one

Oh I really forgot one of my favorites :

Incredible from 1968!!!
Stanley Kubrick (RIP) at its best
When I first saw that movie I was more than overwhelmed!

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Did not really watch the movie but do think some of the songs on the Chariot of Fire was pretty iconic as well. (or at least thought they were)

Let me add another one which is not so popular.

Now I am waiting for yours.

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I think you have to include Star Wars and Indiana Jones into some of those…


Exactly! :smile:#

There is another one!
Great Movie!
Klaus Doldinger : composer.
Wolfgang Petersen : film director
And the very best : Lothar Günter Buchheim (RIP): author (authentic!)
He was a “Kriegsberichtserstatter” on such an Uboot.

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One of the best soundtracks I have heard is not necessarily meant to give pleasant emotions, but adds so much to the movie with its impact.

Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell - Requiem for a Dream

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@thebassline Great recording :+1:t2:- I didn’t know him.
I like this version even more:

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I like it too, but I’ve been listening to this version for years :grinning::


These are some of my favorites now:

Every Pole knows this waltz and this film scene with water lilies:

And also music from the favorite Polish series from childhood:

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My favorite soundtrack is from the movie “Almost Famous”. Here is are tracks made for the movie but there is a lot more music in the movie - Zeppelin in included.

Nice choices, your right though with so many how is it possible to whittle them down…all give in their own way to the film and stir emotions of the scenes…

One that always sticks out for emotion and fitting with the film scenes is Cocoon by James Horner

There are so many good suggestions in this thread! One of my favorite songs from a movie soundtrack is this:

From Little Miss Sunshine :sunny:
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A lovely one came in my mind.

I don’t know if its well known over the pond.
If you don’t know : Watch it.
Typical french movie.


It is one of the few French movies that I have heard of and watched as an American, so take that as you will, good movie.

There are many more excellent European movies.
But these are often not advertised in The US.
(marketing) :wink:

Shame on you to omit this, which in unarguably one of the best films ever made and has good music at its core.

I also like the last track on this


“Amelia” - is a very famous film in our country. I wonder if you know the one with music by Z. Preisner:

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Of course the!!! :dark_sunglasses::dark_sunglasses::dark_sunglasses::dark_sunglasses::dark_sunglasses: