The #AudioEscape Exclusive Christmas Giveaway

UPDATE 12/28/2020

Thanks to everyone for taking part in the #AudioEscape Christmas giveaway!
The winners are below. Please note that winners have until 11:59 PM 12/30/2020 to private message @sean.L with their contact information, including: (1) email address (2) name/delivery address and (3) phone number.

Congrats to all the winners! Keep your eyes peeled as we move into the next phase of the #AudioEscape!

Winner List:

  1. @davidmudd
  2. @adam29jasat
  3. @Nat_Hxh
  4. @viralmak14
  5. @jpgow
  6. @Edidas247
  7. @SuP_aR
  8. @jeanotbruchmann
  9. @mcommando
  10. @ktkundy
  11. @starfan
  12. @Paulw1
  13. @DC321
  14. @ndalby
  15. @LukeG
  16. @SuppleHands
  17. @Chiquinho
  18. @Tank
  19. @zonder12345
  20. @BAD1
  21. @Darren_Louis
  22. @Monk3ee
  23. @Norris2
  24. @AngelaP
  25. @MrKing

The #AudioEscape Room has closed, but your chance to get your hands on the exclusive #AudioEscape Invite Box has only just begun! :boom:

For anyone that completed the virtual reality escape room, don’t worry, because you’ve already been entered into a giveaway to win your very own #AudioEscape Invite Box. But, we’ve spoken to a few people, pulled a few strings, and got an exclusive Collective-only giveaway for another 25 boxes! :see_no_evil:

How Do I Enter?
(1) Tell us your ideal #AudioEscape in the comments of this thread.
(2) Share this thread via the Facebook or Twitter social media buttons below.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on the official #AudioEscape page as we countdown to that special day: January 12th!

Lastly, from everyone here at Soundcore, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday.

What’s in the Box?

  • Official #AudioEscape Launch Event T-Shirt
  • Soundcore Miniature Guitar, Case and Stand
  • Official #AudioEscape Guitar Pick
  • Official #AudioEscape Gift Card
  • Official #AudioEscape Stickers

(1) The giveaway is international;
(2) One entry per member;
(3) Winners will be announced here on the Collective in Monday’s Core Update (12/28/20);
(4) Winners will be contacted directly here on the Collective and will be given 48hrs to respond;
(5) Only article shares via the below social media buttons will be counted as entries;
(6) Soundcore reserves the right of final explanation;
(7) 25 boxes up for grabs in total. 1 for each winner;
(8) Do not start a new thread.


My ideal #AudioEscape would be on like an island resort on the beach at sunset with tiki torches around the sound of calm waves with low music playing something relaxing… that would be so soothing I can picture it now :relieved::blush::raised_hands:


on top of a hill listening to the “sound of music” :slight_smile:



I was wondering if you needed to reword the gift card as it may make it seem like a "gift card’. Another word may be more appropriate such as product launch card.


Hmm my ideal #AudioEscape would be an autumn forest with the subtle sounds of nature and a trickling stream nearby. Calming :relaxed:


My ideal #AudioEscape would to be at the Sugar Bowl to kick off the New Year with the semi-final College Football Playoff game :football: Being able to hear the atmosphere of the Buckeyes beating Clemson :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My ideal #AudioEscape would be sitting atop a cliff that overlooks the forest with a spring running through it. The sounds that are made between the trees and the sound of flowing water is rather calming and can help one clear their mind and seek their inner peace. A true audio escape as you then hear things you tend to miss in our everyday lives.


I like to join a virtual #AudioEscape of Motown museum which is home to my favorite kind of music.


My ideal #AudioEscape is listening to the sounds of nature in the wild. When I can’t do that, I try to get that experience by switching to a wild life channel.


My #AudioEscape would be waking up before sunrise in the middle of a spring, along a white sanded beach nestled next to a tropical jungle in Costa Rica. The air is crisp with the morning dew, the birds are just beginning to wake themselves with songs, all while the waves crash onto the shoreline. The sun is not quite up, and yet there is a sense of calm that can only be felt before the world begins to awaken.


My audio escape would be in the form of wearing some noise canceling headphones and blocking out all distractions around me.


may audio escape: a sound proof room with a set of very good headphones and my favorite record.


My ideal #AudioEscape would be sat on a beach listening to the waves crashing against the shore.


No Zwitter (sic), no Fakebook (sic).
May be I should escape here!:rofl:


My #audiiescape is any day any time anywhere, just give me some booming earbuds and the world disappears


My #AudioEscape would be lying in a darkened room listening to the entire musical version of War of the Worlds (original 1978 version) on vinyl. It still sends shivers down my spine to this day!



I have twitter, but I am escaping, sitting out of the event, with you :blush:


@Loz Please us my twitter retweet for @Chiquinho chance for an exclusive Christmas AudioEscape box.



My #audioescape usually happens when I am driving. I can put in my earbuds and listen to music, podcasts or Audio books. This is especially true for long road trips.