The donated MOTION B

This Motion B was a donation from the Gallery contest.
So my monkeys are involved and eager to get photographed
with their “new speaker”

The first one I got was defective.
I wrote an email to the support, got a very friendly answer and a replacement.
That’s “OUR COMPANY” : the best!

The package is fine.

Pairing easy, no problems.
The problems SZak2015 mentioned seems
to be very iOS specific.
But we found that out meanwhile.


Of course I can not really compare the sound of this little speaker with other speakers I own.
You might not expect a real audiophile adventure when listing to it.
But this is not the intention of that little brick.
There are other SOUNDCORE speakers which will satisfy you by incredible sound and power.

The reviewers at were talking about missing bass.
Doing some adjustments at the eq, I managed it to be more bassy.

This is quite the same I did with the ICON mini, I have now stolen back from my daughter for a while
to make some comparisons.

Both are IPX7 rated.
Both are quite tiny.
The ICON mini has about 201 grams
The MOTION B is about 353 grams
Both got a rubber coating.
Both are lacking from bass, but as I told before with the “help” of an eq its OK.
But you should not expect such a sound as from ZERO or MOTION+
Would be unfair to compare these dwarfs with the soundcore giants.


Both are nice little speakers and worth their money.


Excellent review, and amazing photos as always! Great job Franz!

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Great review, Maestro Franz!

Entertaining pics as well! Such well-dressed monkeys!

Yes, bass is lacking but I feel is adequate for their size & price point.

Since I now have two Motion B’s, I was able to test the “True Wireless Stereo” feature which adds quite a bit to the sound quality…but again, bass is still lacking unless one uses an EQ and stays below the speaker’s maximum volume (you’ll just create loud distortion).

Enjoyable review!

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Great review, as usual :+1:

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I never would dare to run such a dwarf with full power.
This WILL cause distortions of course. :wink:

Nice little review and comparison. :grinning:

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Thanks @Chiquinho for your review, and as always great pictures…make sure to feed the monkeys something extra tonight for their hard work

Ja indeed, I have to keep them in the mood.
Should play this for them

Great review and pictures as always Franz :+1:

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Love it!! Exactly what I expect from the man, the myth, the legend: @Chiquinho

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Cracking review and pics :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Excellent review. Glad you do not monkey around with your review. Lol