The earwings are too small. Is there a solution?

Hello everyone
I bought soundcore life dot 2 nc headphones and was faced with the fact that the earwings nozzles turned out to be too small for my ears.
I had to rework the nozzles for other headphones (am61) on my own. The solution is working and makes the landing ideal for sports.

Is there a factory solution? although my solution works, it looks ugly.

In order for the top to close, I added a magnet to the top of the case.


I doubt if there are bigger original earwings available.

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Better an ugly solution that no solution! :smile:


Only solution I had was trying earwings from other earbuds or from Amazon. I do not think there is a way you could get bigger ones from Soundcore they try their best to fit all ears but sometimes it’s just not possible. I like your diy solution I think it’s cool and if it works for you then that’s great

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Hello, firstly, we greatly appreciate your support on Soundcore Life A2 NC. Regarding the accessory, please note that there are the extra different sized ear tips and earwing in the inner box of the original box, would you please tyr to choose the ear tips and ear wing to fit your ears the best.

In this case, it might relate to the improper way of wearing. Here are steps for wearing for your reference:

  1. Choose the eartips and EarWings that fit your ears best
  2. Insert the earbuds into the inner canal of your ears.
  3. Turn and lock to get the ear wing fit your ear groove

See “How to Wear Your Earbuds Correctly” online via keywords “Co3vtRniPSA” :

If it doesn’t help, no worry, please feel free to drop an email to "" by detailing the issue, our customer support will try our best to make this thing right.

Thank you all for the answers!

Yes, I’ve seen this video. The complete L-size earwing are very small for the male ear. They fall out during intense running.

Hello, may I know if your problem was solved? If not, would you mind drop an email to "" by detailing the issue, so that our customer support could help you out?

Hi! I wrote, but nothing new was suggested to me :slight_smile:

I think this is like the 80 /20 rule.

I know a few has mentioned earnings too small and others have stated they hurt.

You have done what I would have… The issue comes with finding something the same diameter but a bigger earwing.