The fall of the wall in 9.November 1989

Today we celebrate the 30 th. anniversary of the “Fall of the Wall in Berlin” here in Germany.
This was the beginning of the reunification.
Think this is something I might mention here.


:grin: such a happy memorial. Hope you have a good celebration during this “holiday” :smirk:

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations. Were you in Germany when it happened?

I had graduated high school in 1989.

Of course, but unfortunately not in Berlin.

Hope all the walls between hearts too fell , bringing people closer!

It’s a happy memorial day, thanks for bringing this to all of us :+1:t2:

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Beautiful, wise words!

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I have a piece of this wall, well it’s more like a few chunks and crumbles now since I didn’t take care of it. My step father’s uncle saved bits as they removed and dismantled the wall.

I was only 4 when it happened. But do remember learning about it in school. Was interesting to compare it to peace walls in Belfast which were even higher.