The German discipline did not accept the delay and reveal information about the Q35

I feel like a journalist with such a tendentious title hahaha, but I found publications on German pages and Amazon Germany, they are already available for purchase:


-Anker Soundcore Life Q35: ANC-Kopfhörer mit LDAC und Hi-Res Audio - ComputerBase

-Anker Soundcore Life Q35 mit ANC und LDAC startet bei Amazon (


They are available to order in the UK if you modify the amazon URL…

They are in different time zones. So probably part of reason

But we’ve been told to not post Amazon links til released.

So is it released?

I’ll not post the Amazon UK link nor screenshot but yes its orderable with a delivery date very soon. Looks like released, acts like released, but not released.

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The german article was published at 1 minute past midnight.
It mentions a nda and has a link to amazon . de