The Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

I think we had similiar category in New Music Friday


The links of many solos to youtube videos are missing.
But the selection is OK.
Nobody forgotten, as the number l listed here is really big. :laughing:

Thanks for sharing. A lot of great solos on this list. :+1:

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while i may not agree with the order I must say this is a great list of songs by many great bands :metal::notes::heart:

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Guess the ones who made this list haven’t heard Prince’s performance of creep.

There are a few songs that could be on the list but are not and that is one I would have liked to have seen on the list

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Thinking about that, I would go with Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb.

I looked at the list and it was #1. I picked that on one of the NMF as best Guitar Solo and strangely enough it didn’t win. :thinking:

lol @Steve976 im listening to the end in the thrill is gone at crossroads and am in awe many guitar greats taking turns and it makes me happy :slight_smile: