The issues with market dominance

The article is about google doing something that looks an awful lot like retaliation, but the issue is bigger than that - Amazon has the power to basically close down businesses that depend on it as their primary distributor. Google or Apple can do the same to any app developer, with little or no reason. Facebook and Twitter can silence any user at any time, no matter how big.

This isn’t about free speech - a corporate envirnoment is not a free speech forum. But it is still a problem for end users - there should be a demand for spaces that actually have well demonstrated practices, with due process that includes actual review, good reasons clearly articulated for actions taken, and an appropriate appeal process. Whether it connects to finances or politics or just opinions about the issues of the day, arbitrariness is not a good look.

The current system run by 4 of the biggest companies in the world is completely opaque and arbitrary to outside observers, and I think many of us should be concerned by that.

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I am and you are right.
But to get in deeper discussion about would mean to enter the political scene.

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