The Journey of Life Continues

Soundcore is continuously evolving, and Life headphones are no exception. As you guys know, we take your feedback very seriously here and our customer service team is always sharing it with the product designers so we can make your ideas become reality.

You also might have noticed we’ve been talking about the Life headphone series A LOT recently and today I can officially reveal that a new pair of Life headphones are being released very soon (congratulations to everyone who guessed correctly)!

And of course they’ve got some pretty cool new features such as…

The new Life headphones are the first Soundcore over-ear headphones to have achieved both Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification!

LDAC is an audio technology created by Sony that transmits up to 3 times more data than the standard SBC codec. More data means more you’re able to enjoy higher quality audio over wireless Bluetooth connections.

We heard from lots of people that they’d like to see wearing detection on our over-ear headphones, so here it is! The new Life headphones automatically pause music when removed from your ears. No more fumbling for your phone or rewinding podcasts to find the exact moment you missed.

What do you think about these new features? I also sneakily asked Christy, one of our product managers, about what the biggest challenges are when creating new headphones and she said that “We always striving to improve and enhance the listener experience, sound quality, noise cancellation, and call quality so keeping the price of the headphones competitive while offering a more intelligent and friendly user experience is the biggest challenge!”

If you want to get more juicy gossip from behind the scenes at Soundcore, @sean.L and I will be putting your questions to Dorothy and Christy from the Soundcore team on this week’s Soundcore Stories podcast, so make sure you’re subscribed (Apple / Spotify / Web Browser)!

Are you excited to try out the new Life headphones? Check out the launch page and sign up to get all the latest launch info HERE.

Also, while you’re still here, there’s a very exciting opportunity for you guys in Thursday’s post so remember to check the Collective :wink:


Good news. As an over-ear hedphones fan I can’t wait to get more info about upcoming product.

This sounds exciting!! Looking forward to trying these out in the future!!

This sounds cool! Hopefully the noise cancelling will be better and the mic quality improved since I saw those as a lot of complaints about the q30s.

Also kind of interesting your marketing strategy compares them to one Sony pair but not the wh1000xm4 but then compares them to the Bose 700 which are often viewed on the same level.

Anyone have guesses on the price?

I’ll start with a guess of $129.99


I was hoping it would have AI calling?

I find the audio quality is fine on Q30, the microphone issue was eventually fixed, but the biggest area for improvement was ANC.


As far all the old issues are solved its OK.
You really should try to get some trustworthy testers before launching.

So easy to spend a 100 of these new earphones to well known members.

This way you will find many issues solved before you sell these to customers and get a ton of questions we have to answer here as usual.

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Awesome news. Hoping for a loyalty discount like the LA2Ps :grinning:

Sounds very cool. Remove a product or two when you release this one, please?

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“We always striving to improve and enhance the listener experience, sound quality, noise cancellation, and call quality so keeping the price of the headphones competitive while offering a more intelligent and friendly user experience is the biggest challenge”

It looks like it will be a big hit with a good price. Cool!!!:+1:t2:

Those of us who try to help community members know there is still a big issue with:

  • Bluetooth device drivers, audio quality, microphones.
  • 4 pole AUX for those who give up on bluetooth.

Without soundcore addressing these, I predict with a high degree of confidence, we’ll be getting a Q35 “microphone doesn’t work” thread with a venting new member saying “I paid $130 for this, doesn’t work”.

The fix? Well it comes down to documentation, a step by step guide written by someone with a Windows 10 device.

Increase in price has to be paralleled with increase in support.


Wondering if this will be teams certified as well?

Interested to see / hear more details.

Wondering if a certain auto brand may take issue with the naming?? When I heard it was going to be Q35 I thought of Infiniti…

4 pole aux socket / cable a must if keeping wired… please… pretty please… :cherries::ice_cream:


I’d be happy with not certified, so long as a write-up step-by-step guide said how to make work 100% of the time.

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Looking forward to it! Some nice features :slight_smile:


@TheSnarkyOne Only 12 more days and everything will be clear.
And all our wishes and dreams written here may be realized in Q40 …:thinking:
Probably too late now.:worried:

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huh? You mean you use 4 microphones for voice and 2 for Anc so 6 total?

This is some VERY exciting news!!


Will def be getting these even tho I love the Q30…hi res audio…ldac… nuff said!!! Lol!!!

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@Chiquinho I have a very good idea!