The Kazoo for a new generation


My son had us buy this for him and I am calling it the new Kazoo for a new generation as in its slightest you can call it music.

So enjoy a video of the greatness called Otamatone.


that’s honestly my favorite “instrument”

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I messed with it some and it is a unique “instrument” but it does play “music” . I think overall it is way better than a kazoo or even those flutes all kids get bought throughout their childhood.

Wow I love Kazoos in hgihschool I had a girl show up to my stats class just playing it in the back of the room it was so strange but what i associate with a Kazoo everytime i think of it

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I’ve never seen anything like that lol that was a fun little video song #3 he said it almost hurts to listen :rofl::joy:. Didn’t play them too bad tho …besides 3 :joy:

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Never even heard of a kazoo

Very interesting… I call recall kazoo concerts growing up… almost as good as recorder concerts…

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That’s a unique instrument

I played this video for my family and they want to know why any parent would willingly provide this to their child :joy::joy::joy:

HMMM I got one for my son a year or so ago. Maybe the parent wanted to play it. HMMMM…

LOL not really. LOL I may try to learn some songs on it and play it for the community LOLOL (not really)

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It is ok to play for my son to play for a little bit but too much it starts to get aggravating.

Familiar with a kazoo, and I have seen that one once before, but happy to report there are none in my house and we plan to keep it that way. Not a real instrument.