The last 5 Samurai!

No more gifts, no more giveaways, worthless points!

But there are still some left here.

This is a film worth to watch.

You all may know the other “7”

We are only 5 now!
But we will get as famous as the actors of this movie got! :rofl:

(The music theme is fantastic)


Thanks all for keeping the forum alive.


Six now!
Mark (Nr. 4), you are welcome is this honorable crew! :rofl:

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The regulars are sadly dwindling fast. They (Soundcore) really need to start paying attention to this place!!!

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They will never do.
This place is getting a cemetery, same as ANKER’s forum is meanwhile.
Their place is TICKTACK now.
More “en vogue”, more kids there.


The list of the “Six Last Uprights” looks now perfect.

Difficult to find the last seventh Samurai.
Is there no one left from the old crew? :laughing:

Take a look what fantastic equipment we have.