The microphone no longer works on the 2 headphones on Soundcore Life P2


Following the update of my Honor View 10 (Android 9 -> Android 10), the microphone no longer works in any app or in phone mode on my headphones. No problem for sound on call or music.
Audio calls are activated on the bluetooth of the earphones

I tried: Connected only the left, connected only the right, connected both at the same time.
I tried to RESET them (dissociate it from the phone, press the button on the headphones for 10 seconds when it is in its charging box and wait for it to flash red 3 times, and reconnect everything)
Nothing works.

So I try with another phone, in case it comes from updating mine.

Same, the microphones don’t work.

Do you have a solution before I make a warranty return?

Thank you, Adrien

I would not really think that a phone upgrade would affect it.

My only question is on the other phone does it have the same upgrade (the android 10) as the first phone. If it does, I would say check another device that is not android 10 such as an apple device. This would eliminate a potential issue with android 10 vs the earbuds.

If the apple device allows you to use the mic, it may be that upgrade but if not then it probably may be the mic.

My only other thought is when you reset the earbuds, turn off the bluetooth first, reset the earbuds, and then turn bluetooth back on and see once that it finds it that the mic work

My last thought (and maybe try this first), is I wonder if the upgrade has reset or changed your earbud settings. I mean go to the Bluetooth devices and find the p2 and click the cog wheel and check the profile.

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Exactly same problem, but not an upgrade issue. The microphone stopped working at all. Every time the phone’s microphone is used to speak. Tried on different phones, even Laptop… Same result.

Any solution to this…? I’ve already did reset, left right pairing etc etc but all in vain.


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Has anyone found a solution? I am having the same issue

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My problem has been call quality. I work phone sales and every so often a customer tells me I’m hard to hear. It could just be the line quality, but it happens too often for that I think. Anyone find a solution?


I finally took the time to research this problem.

I reset them, but it didn’t work.

For this to work, you must press exactly at the same time and the 2 red flashes EXACTLY at the same time. Otherwise nothing works, even the pairing fails

Thank you, Adrien