The New and Improved Smart Help Center

We are excited to announce the release of our new Soundcore Smart Help Center.

After several weeks of testing by Soundcore users, we’ve received a lot of feedback and suggestions and have made some updates. So what’s new?

Easier to Use
The Smart Help Center has been redesigned to be more intuitive, user-friendly, and powerful. The search bar, product and topic categories, and contact us section make for a seamless user experience.

Powerful Search Capabilities
We refined the article titles and embedded keywords into each article, so you can find the answers you’re looking for more easily.

Multiple Media Resources
Each product has its own FAQs, videos, and downloads, so you can leisurely browse or quickly find information, as an alternative to contacting customer service.

Product Information At Your Fingertips
If you have questions about a particular product, you can quickly and easily access all the product-related videos, FAQs, and manuals in one place. With the help of the article filter, you can quickly find what you are interested in.

Discover Related Topics
When you click on the individual FAQ, support videos, and downloads sections, you can see the lists of hot topics that we recommend and are most viewed by other visitors.


@Hannah I checked how it works. It’s great :+1:t2:.
All videos, instructions in one place :clap:. It really was needed.
This is one of the best ideas - bravo :smiley:!

For me, it would be very helpful to publish comparative tables with technical data of products (the more the better) with emphasizing the differences between the products.
For example, between Q10, Q20, Q30, Q35 or Liberty 2Pro, L2Pro +, L3P.
It would be even more helpful with the speakers. There are a lot of speakers and it is sometimes difficult to find the difference between Flara, Flara 2, Flara 2+, mini Flare.
Thanks to the tables, it is easier to find the differences and make a decision when buying.


The Soundcore YouTube channel also has a wealth of short easy to follow videos too

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Good idea.

Possibly augment with a decision tree type down-selection. Soundcore has too many products to place in a table but if you picked say just one or two critical criteria for you then it could produce a table of those matching?

Say you wanted Over-ear, then all those are seen, there aren’t many of those products so will fit in a table. But say you picked in-ear, well that’s too many to put on a table so then it asked if you must have ANC or must have LDAC , then it shows a table matching.

Also the app - it seem to be pointing people too quickly to this community when they are looking for support. While some support can be done here, particularly at times of new products or many new new products, often the support needs cannot be met by community as too few own. So, if the app can point to this support site for support and then point to community for “people like me” type peer support then that better matches actual reality.

I am a great believer in force success faster by force failure faster. So point users to this support site from the app to force gaps in to be found.

Example is if the support site had a free text search, well you can save all searches which cause then going to the community, so you can count the gap, insufficient information in support. A learning support site.

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Hey @Hannah nice to see a pretty detailed site for somewhat automated support.

I did happen to notice that some of the text, didn’t seem to wrap within the field limits…


And ran into the adjacent fields for documents and faq.
Perhaps a not so quick coding fix on the page(s) can resolve?

Otherwise, looks good.


Thanks for sharing that @Hannah. This should be useful, especially for new members. :+1:


Thanks for sharing this @Hannah
It’s very useful

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I do like the new interface but had a few thoughts issues in the Smart Help Center and it navigation…

  1. Missing a few pictures that are not loading after you select your top level product category. The Frame pics are not loading nor is the p2 mini or the life note c and e pics are not loading. (wonder if they were recently added).

  1. I agree with @TheSnarkyOne in his product page picture. I agree that as you go deeper within the tree navigation that it starts to push the tree navigation into the products page itself. (Desktop browser). I think that once you are on the page that you do not need that tree navigation. I think let them hit back or have a quick link back to the smart support page…

If you want the tree navigation I would suggest just keeping the top product categories as to not cause the page to expand when there are several products.

A good example is how the Frames page shows only the top navigation.

  1. Soundcore top navigational spacing issue.

The Smart center “home” hyperlink is overlapping the soundcore name. I think you may need to move one of the sections under the “more” hyperlink. I would also change home to Smart Help as when I think of home, I think I am going back to the main soundcore home (for me it would be the us site. It took me a few seconds to realize that was under the go too.

4.(or 3b) Top Smart Help navigation .

As shown FAQ, Support Videos and Manuals are being seen under the smart center home for the individual products. So those maybe could be move under the " more" hyperlink. You can have Smart Center, Contact Us, Parts and accessories and More> as your top navigation and it would free up space and keep it from being crowded.

  1. Duplication of navigation

On FAQ, Support Videos and Manuals there is a left tree navigation with the main smart help topics and at the bottom you duplicate the same information at the bottom but with the picture view from the smart center home page info. I think only one of those two would be needed.

  1. Parts and assessories tweak

This page has the smart help center topics in a left tree navigation. I do not think it should be here as I can see it causing confusion. I would think that I could select that left navigation and see all the parts for each product that I could buy.