The New Listening Experience

Music constantly evolves, and when creativity strikes, it’s only logical that a new way of experiencing sound would be the talk of the town. Remember the first time you experienced 3D? Like me, you probably went to the cinema, got the little red and blue glasses, and had a mind-blowing experience. Imagine the same feeling but in music.

8D audio has sprung from seemingly nowhere to everywhere across social media. I learned about it after receiving a WhatsApp message containing 8D audio that was making the rounds a few months ago. Simply put, it’s an audio effect that creates the illusion of hearing sounds from all around as if you’re experiencing them firsthand.

Have a listen for yourself, and make sure to do it with the assistance of your headphones for full effect:

So does 8D mean 8-dimensional audio?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the technology involved in creating the sound does not actually have 8 dimensions. Binaural sound is the term used to describe this sensation. It fools your brain into believing that sounds are originating from various directions. This is exactly why you’ll be getting a different and dynamic experience, almost like being in a concert. It’s also extremely popular in VR, AR, and gaming.

Now the only thing you’ll need to jump on board and experience the 8D audio for yourself is a good pair of headphones. And if you’re looking for one, we recently released the Life Q35 headphone. Try it for yourself and you’ll soon see how those two simple sound sources from the left and right earpiece have suddenly been gifted the ability to achieve something remarkable. Trust me, it surrounds your ears like a hug :wink:

Before we end this, we’ve got a little surprise waiting for you. Something that’s very 8D-related and we hope you’ll like it!

So, does anybody here already enjoy 8D audio? Do you have a favorite song in 8D that you’d like to share? Any ideas what the future holds for this technology? Let me know in the comments below!


Nothing special yet but did find the 8 d songs about 2 weeks ago as I was trying to test the q35.

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I like the spatial aspect these audio experiences bring. It’s sort of mesmerizing and brings about a sort of peaceful tranquility

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Am I missing something? What’s the surprise?

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I have known 3D, 8D, 12D, … (x) D recordings for several months.
On my Liberty 2 Pro, some recordings produce fantastic sound effects. :slightly_smiling_face:
But you can’t listen to them for too long (max 2-3 recordings), then I feel tired :slightly_frowning_face:.
My favorite recordings are:

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Lol same, the effect makes me want to go to sleep. Can’t do that in the middle of the day though!

@Steve976 :thinking: The only surprise is probably that you can listen to the 8D recording. :grinning:


Well I wondered if that’s what she meant but it was just a recording of the article with no music. Maybe that’s it.
Edit I just listened to it with my earbuds and the talking just keeps moving back and forth between L and R channels. I guess that’s it, but it just sounded like stereo to me. Maybe you need headphones for it to sound like it’s coming from different places other than just panning L to R and back.

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@Steve976 I think that’s it. :thinking: :slightly_frowning_face:
Children’s Day (my wife keeps telling me that I am a big child :joy:) and the gifts will be in 10 days :grinning:.

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On my Liberty 2 Pro I hear exactly as you write. There is an additional echo as if in a large empty room.

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I actually listened to a few on one of the threads @sodojka had shared… seemed more like the fader / balance controls being shifted right to left and back… while interesting, I didn’t find it some thing that would draw me to seek out more…

I’ll give the one here a listen later today…


Thanks for reminding my thread. :slightly_smiling_face:
:thinking: It seems to me that our brain does not perceive these types of recordings well. I had a similar impression when I once bought a new TV and tried to watch the image with 3D glasses :slightly_frowning_face:. The effect was immediate then and I felt very badly.
When I watch 3D movies in the cinema, everything is great - I feel very well

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8D audio has been making rounds on Soundcore Collective since 2020, @Loz started it :slight_smile: … Anything new here?


Yea I don’t think there was anything new in this post but I will say that I haven’t listened to anything past 8D. Some times it’s a little weird feeling to listen to 8D so I have to be that kind of mood tbh

I like 8d but it’s not something I could constantly listen to other wise I think I would slowly lost the little sanity I have :joy:

I have a few *D tracks book marked.
Our outer ear shape delivers sound to our ears with tiny phase differences.
We can tell where a sound is coming from just using one ear!
It’s this that the 8D effect is emulating.

Listening with my Q35s the sound mainly circles just above my head.
My previous headphones had an in ear design and the spatial effect of these tracks was clearer and more precise. This is not a fault of the headphones but our ears modifying the sounds between earphone and ear drum.
I suggest listening to these tracks using ear buds to get the true effect.

This is a favourite 8D “collection” of 3 songs.
Try with the different pre-set EQs - they make a real difference to the effect.

My Favourite:
This one was recorded live using an artificial head to capture the 3 dimensional sound. You can see it in the video. (I listen with orchestra EQ).
I played this on both laptop and phone.
There was a noticeable improvement on the phone with the LDAC codec being used.


@winniew95 Now curious about how you created your “8D” recording - do tell.

These sound good.

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@roger186 Thanks for all the explanations and shared recordings. I listened to everything - the one with the orchestra has the most spectacular sound effects. :+1:t2:
For me, however, the 2 recordings I shared are the best.
You can hear on these recordings not one, but as many as 2 (circulating in space) sound sources.