The Party Has Started

Welcome everyone! My name is Tim, aka Fuu_bar. I currently have a a couple of different things in my “arsenal of sound” that have made my music experience much better:

  • Motion Q
  • Liberty Neo
  • My Q20’s are on the way from the most recent auction (can’t wait for these to come in)
  • Infini Mini

Next moves for me are to get me a Model Zero+ and a Wakey, because you can never have enough speakers!

Welcome to all and I hope this community turns into a great place for everyone to collaborate and converse about anything and everything!

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Not liking the HUGE USA bias going on in the prizes.

To me, it seems unless you’re in the top twenty, you won’t get anything if not USA.

Well that’ll get you posting!

@TechMan :man_farmer:

I hate/love this about being American.

Have similar feelings but most stuff often is USA only due to it being the biggest market for them (and one of the home bases), though wouldn’t say no to a iTunes gift card :laughing:

Whoa! How many ears do you have!?

Of no use to me at all.

I don’t have anything related to apple, and I don’t want to be controlled by people who I don’t want to do something… My phone, my choice. Of course, apple don’t see it as, it being your possession.

Unless I can use it to buy non apple goods, it’s useless.

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When does this end? I couldn’t see a draw date.

The end of the month…as this is the first month

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Also saw there was a give away draw ticket for Flare Mini, winner announced on Monday

So excited to be a part of the group! Let’s see, what Soundcore items to I have…

  • SoundBuds Slim x2 (though I guess they fall under the Anker brand)
  • Flare (what a beauty!)
  • Liberty + (husband put them through the washer and they still work)
  • Liberty (bought as a replacement that was no longer needed, so I gladly adopted them)
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Didn’t see that

Plus @Loz considering there is German and USA only pages for Soundcore, what are the rules for entering comps?

Its here – >

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I really had to do some rummaging around to find the Giveaway tab. Maybe it can be bumped up a few levels, maybe stick it alongside “Insider Testing”?

It might be worth clarifying when the “first month” officially ends.

Those are some great prizes! Although I think I’d rather receive a Soundcore coupon than an iTunes gift card… :laughing:

Since Soundcore Collective Community “officially” launched today, would it be fair to assume the official end date would be Oct 3rd 23:59 PDT :smiley:

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I’ve been trying to figure out what I would do with a $1000 iTunes gift card… over 8 years of Apple Music?

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Welcome everyone! Big time Anker Innovations fan here, glad to see Soundcore got their own community, and super happy to see the new Nebula soundbar!

SoundCore Liberty True Wireless earbuds upgraded 100 hour playtime
PowerWave 7.5
PowerWave 10 Pad
(2) Eufy Smart Plugs
Anker PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning 3ft
Anker PowerLine II+ USB to Lightning 6ft
(2) Roav SmartCharge Spectrum
Anker PowerCore 10000 PD
Anker Astro E1 Upgraded 6700mAh

And im sure some others that are slipping my mind…

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This is soundcore…list your spundcore products, no one cares for the ok ther stuff, where here for: audio gear

Interesting story on that name, “SoundCore”, with a capital “C”.

Back when I worked for Anker in 2015-2017, we launched our first speaker, which you probably know by the looks of it! That was called SoundCore. As a result, we made it a brand standard to call all the following audio products “SoundCore xxx”.

However, when Soundcore separated out from the Anker brand about a year and a half ago (along with our brands that now sit under the umbrella of “Anker Innovations”) we dropped the capital C.

So, basically, Soundcore is now Soundcore, not SoundCore. And that’s my story for the day haha.