THE PARTY IS ABOUT TO START | #100Prizes100Minutes

Hi all! Our sincere apologies for the technical issues during the livestream(s).

The livestream was running through a platform named Restream, which was allowing us to stream simultaneously across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. At the moment we hit 5:00 PM PDT, we had 2000 viewers watching the stream, pulling in 1000 comments per minute, far beyond what we hand anticipated.

As a result, restream crashed 3 times, until eventually we had to remove guests and the majority of technical functions from the stream, and do a Facebook-only livestream.

The good news is that we still have 40 products to give away, and to keep things simple, we will be giving most of these away over the coming days here on the Collective. So, please bear with us and watch this space.

We apologise again for any inconvenience caused and will make up to you with more exciting events very soon.

The US-only discounts ranging from 5% to 99% are still available, so please check them out here.


Looking forward to it :+1::+1::+1:


Can’t wait

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i wanna win. can’t waittttt :):laughing:

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Counting down the minutes!!

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Still not sure if this is for the UK too or America only but will tune in to find out :blush::+1: let’s go!!!

US UK, CA, DE. So covered if you are in one of those.

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I have it running in background already :joy:. Super excited to see what’s going to come

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T - 38…

Can’t wait…

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I don’t use TikTok. How can I view the live stream?

I see it’s live on Facebook but only see a still graphic in the stream.

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It’s on Twitter, FB and Youtube. Stream will start in 4 mins

Ready to go!!!

Hoping to find a Bluetooth speaker!

Seeing a lot of delay and lagg

Same here. Lag and no audio.

yup, lag and no audio

Hope this works… stream is stuck :frowning:

We broke the stream

Sash I will be able to watch very little- if any of the stream tonight. Hope I can catch the recording!